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Murder Mystery Dinners

My daughter and I would like to express how much we have enjoyed your “Murders” during the past several years.  We have attended almost every public murder production you have produced for the past 3 years and look forward to each new month to see what new and ingenious scripts and motives for murder that your shows have come up with. You have been very successful in not repeating the same old methods and motives of murder each month and we have not felt like your shows are just the same old story month after month.  My daughter Candace and I like to interact with the audience, actors and especially your Detectives that you have discovered.  Each Detective brings a different style to the evening and they interact very well with all personalities from the shy, and the extremely outgoing guests.  We look forward to many more “Murders” during the future, and continuing to be amazed on the amount of talented actors and actresses, or should I say “Con Men” and “Con Women” that you discover that are so good at interacting with people and misleading them.

— Mark and Candace Beutnagel, Dallas

This was an amazing event and you could not ask for a more fun experience and time with your spouse than this event. Especially when you learn that the 2 couples sitting at your table are part of the act.  What a shock but that much more interesting.  Thank you Keith & Margo’s.

— Chad & Belinda Price, Allen, Texas

My girlfriend and I had never before been to one of these events but always thought how wonderful it would be to. We went in with all sorts of expectations and they were met! From the great atmosphere and friendly staff to the other guests who are more than ready to decide if you’re there to kill or simply another gumshoe like they are. The location was efficient and kept you interested and the food simply was delightful. I had already gotten caught up in trying to deceive other attendees before someone was shot and we were looking for clues whilst eating and interrogating other guests. It hadn’t been a day since I blogged about it and I had all my friends jealous and wanting information on it too. A must see if you’ve never been or even if you’ve “seen em all”.

— Matt King, Bedford TX

Just wanted to tell you how much my family enjoyed the show last night.  My dad happened to fly in this weekend to visit and told me last night was one of the best times he’s had in Dallas.  The show was very fun and a unique experience.  We loved that fact that we were able to participate within the show and the story line and was given the freedom to decipher clues and solve the mysteries.  The whole cast was excellent and very funny.  The food was great too.  This is a bargain!  I strongly recommend everyone to check out your show.  I’m sure we’ll be back again.

— Dave, Dallas

 Private Parties

Just a note to thank you and your staff for the two excellent murder mystery productions you put on for us this month.  We have received many compliments from attendees from both groups, several of whom are interested in hiring you for their own functions in the future.  Both murder mysteries were well-organized, interesting, and very entertaining.  We appreciate your helping us to make these large dinner parties successful and unforgettable!

— Susan Pohly, SANUS, Dallas

The Murder Mystery was enjoyable for all and the cast was very professional. We were especially impressed by the obvious time that was spent in customizing the script for our company.  Your “pre-detective work” made for a memorable evening of laughs for everyone present.  I personally appreciate your flexibility in working with me prior to the event to gain an understanding of our company and the dynamics of the group.  Please convey our appreciation to your cast of actors.  We will be pleased to highly recommend Keith & Margo’s to other groups seeking such services.

— Smittee Brackeen, ROBROY INDUSTRIES, Dallas

I brought a group of High School seniors to your show for their senior trip and they had a blast.  It was definitely a highlight of our trip.  Last years seniors also attended your theatre and enjoyed it so much that we were convinced we needed to experience this for ourselves. We were not disappointed. I told our students if they worked half as hard in class as they did at finding the murderer we would have a whole class full of valedictorians! They were definitely involved.  The best part though had to be the inclusion of their most embarassing moments! We appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into making it a night to remember!  Thanks a lot!

— Angie Wilson, Dallas

Murder Mystery Weekends

My wife and I enjoyed your Murder Mystery Weekend this past February.  The additional depth, detail and thought that went into keeping the action going for the entire weekend must have been a real challenge.  We look forward to more weekends!  The plots, environment and of course interaction with all the other guests made it one of the most enjoyable weekends we have had recently.

— Mark Beutnagel

What can we say – the entire experience certainly exceeded our expectations. From the moment we arrived on Friday p.m. and were warmly welcomed by the gentleman in the driveway until the moment we left on Sunday afternoon we had a blast. I am not a mystery buff, but the Detective had us engaged and involved from the opening moments. I must confess we stayed up until after 2:00 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning working out our theories. The entire ‘cast’ was great – very clever! The participating staff added to our enjoyment – participating as suspects in the endless interrogations and while being truthful, throwing us off with style. I cannot close without commenting on the charges for the weekend – what a bargain! A lovely room in a luxurious hotel, 5 exceptional meals for 2 people plus a weekend’s entertainment including parking, taxes and tip? As we told you earlier, our family birthday tradition is to give each other experiences rather than gifts and this was certainly one of the best! We will look forward to future events soon.

— Ilene Adam, San Antonio

 New Year’s Eve Galas

My husband and I have attended 3 different murder mystery dinner events with your company and all have been “to die for”!  Each event was unique and full of fun and surprises. It is certainly more exciting to add more mystery to the night by making other guests think you are part of the big secrets of the evening. We can hardly wait for the next opportunity to be a witness to your next crime-filled event!

— Wendi & Wes A., Dallas

We had the pleasure of attending the Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Holiday Bash last night in Houston (I have to brag and tell you we were at the winning table). I just had to tell you what a wonderful time we had! The evening was fun, full of surprises, and very well orchestrated. The Mystery Host and the Detective kept everything under control while providing abundant intrigue and keeping spirits high. I have never enjoyed a New Year’s Eve party more! Keep up the good work. We will be attending more Keith and Margo’s events!

— Carol and Robin Dallred, Houston

Valentine’s Galas

My boyfriend surprised me with the Murder Mystery event in Dallas for Valentine’s Day.  From the moment I walked in I fell in love.  I enjoyed the people, the food, the entertainment, the dancing, the whole show.  Our table had so much fun trying to figure everything and everyone out.  I can’t wait to attend another one but I will bring my friends.

— Joanna, Dallas

I wanted to thank you for such a great evening. This was my Valentine’s gift to my boyfriend, and I don’t think I have ever seen him have so much fun. Thanks for picking on him as one of your suspects. He is usually so quiet and introverted, and it is often a struggle to bring him out of his shell. Last night, I saw him in rare form, and I loved it! He says he would like to attend more of your shows, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again soon!

— Lesley Toops, Dallas

I just wanted to email you today to let you know what a fantastic time I had last night at you Murder Mystery Valentine’s Extravaganza. From the moment we walked in the doors to the Champagne reception, we were hooked! Our eyes just lit up! We were served champagne and hors d’oeuvres and started to mingle… we were already in the game… looking for suspicious behavior. Once signed in and given our table assignment, we found an English couple at our table. I wanted to grill them for info… turns out they were for real. We immediately began looking for clues and reviewing the evidence carefully… interacting with the suspects and the innocent (or at least we thought so till the end)! Finding a clue near our table and scrambling to the clue table to piece it together with other parts of the cryptic note. The players were simply wonderful – they did NOT make it easy. You really had to befriend them and gain their trust to get them to talk. They were funny and crafty! Each of them stayed in character all night and it was amazing. What a wonderful group of players! While our table did not win the prize, we did enjoy being sleuths together. We spent a lot of time co-conspiring on our table mates, and getting to know one another. All in all a night of mystery that I would HIGHLY recommend and will be looking to join again in the future. They all look so interesting, it’s hard to pick. I must admit it was WELL worth every penny!

— Robin Cleary, Dallas

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