Actor Employment

If you're a Texas actor or stage manager interested in working for the highest-rated Immersion Theatre in the state, we'd like to meet you!

Accepting headshots and acting resumes for the following paid positions in all Texas cities:

(1)  Hosts to supervise/rehearse/oversee the cast plus guide the audience with rules of the competition.  Must be super-organized as well as comfortable with acting as Master of Ceremonies. Looking for a friendly, playful, unflappable ‘people person’ with great leadership abilities.

(2)  Smart-ass comedians to play the lead role of Local Police Department Homicide Detective — edgy comedic-types who enjoy improvising.  Must have a great sense of humor, be believable as a hard-boiled cop, be able to control a crowd and interact with the audience while leading them through a murder investigation… all with witty banter and repartee.  Male or female, age late 20’s-65.

(3)  Experienced actors to play Suspects and Murderers — comfortable with reality-based, serious dramatic improvisation (these are not comedic roles)


Ingenues/Femme Fatales — attractive actresses who can play either sweet or sexy… height/weight proportional

Leading Men/Gigolos — attractive actors who can play either nice guys or handsome S.O.B.s… height/weight proportional

Criminals/Gangsters — physically intimidating macho men who can play menacing characters believably (mafia-drug cartel types)

Character Men — all physical looks, mid 20’s-65… executive-lawyer-professor-doctor-Dad types

Character Women — all physical looks, mid 20’s-65… executive-lawyer-professor-doctor-Mom types

(4)  Entry level, supporting roles of Assassins and Innocent Bystander Victims (novice actors welcome for these roles only)


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