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Frequently Asked Questions


Murder Mystery Dinner Topics

NOTE:  These answers only apply to our regular D/FW venues and not to any of our Maggiano’s appearances.  

1). Where are my tickets?

No tickets will be mailed. Your name will be on the check-in list with our Murder Mystery Host at the door. We will e-mail a confirmation with directions and information. However, you do not have to present it at the door like a ticket.

2). Can I pay at the door?

Sorry, no. All advance reservations are prepaid by credit card. If you don’t want to use a credit card, call 1-888-U-SOLVE-IT to arrange payment by Money Order.

3). What’s the cancellation policy?

All sales are final and nonrefundable. No exceptions. However, if you can’t make the show, you are allowed to give someone else your reservation for that date.

4). Should I wear a costume? What’s the “theme”?

No, you do not need to come in costume. Our mysteries are set in modern times (in the style of a Law and Order episode).  In order to immerse you in our world of incognito actors, and real guests being treated as suspects, all involved need to be in the same real-life simulation — with the homicide case unfolding in a contemporary setting.  As far as “themes” go, our philosophy is that an ultra competitive murder mystery exercise such as ours is the theme — an amazing theme that does not need to be embellished by any gimmicks, funny hats or feather boas.  Costume Themes tend to make the entire experience overtly artificial and theatrical in tone.

5). What’s the dress code or attire?

Business Casual or Dressy Casual. Tie and jacket optional. Women can wear pants. No torn jeans, no T-Shirts, or shorts, please.

6). What is it rated?

We tend to rate our regular shows PG-13. Some humor may contain mild innuendo. Plots may involve adult situations or mature themes (i.e. infidelity, drug use). Note: For private parties, G-rated shows are available upon request.

7). Can I and should I bring my children?

To be honest, this event is designed and intended for the Moms and Dads who are enjoying a night’s vacation away from the kiddies. Besides, parents need to be aware that there will be loud gunshots, screaming, stabbings acted out, and stage blood used. Drama requires conflict, and conflict means villains sometimes committing villainous acts. For young children (anyone under 13), please get a baby sitter.

8). Can I get a group discount?

$5.00 off per person for groups of 10 or more, with single payment. This discount is automatically built in when you reserve on-line.  NOTE:  A group discount does not apply to special gala events such as New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s.

9). How can members of a group sit together if they reserve separately?

Easy. When reserving on-line, you are asked if you are a part of a larger group. If you are, simply type your group name (e.g. The Smith Party, The Jones Party, etc.) into the space provided, and we sit you all together.

10). How early should I arrive? Is it on a stage? Is there a front row? How is audience seating arranged? What are the best seats?

This is not like traditional plays where you try to arrive early to get a front row seat near the stage. With our shows, there is no front row and there is no stage. Don’t forget — suspects surround you in the dining room. Therefore, every seat is a great seat!

11). Do I have to act or play a part? But what if I want to be hammy, extroverted and hammy? Or what if I’m shy and just want to sit and watch?

Our shows are always ultra interactive. However, our guests are not asked to play the characters. At our shows, the killers and victims are played by professionals skilled in improvisation (this keeps our performance standards at a high quality level).   Having said that — flamboyant, hammy guests are welcome to attract attention to themselves, using aliases and fooling other guests into thinking they’re the murderer. That’s OK with us. It adds to the fun and helps provide entertaining decoys.   On the other end of the spectrum, shy, or easily embarrassed players can have a wonderful time seated at their table all night long, being more of an armchair detective.

12). Can I surprise someone and not tell them it’s a murder mystery they’re going to?

It may seem like a fun idea, but not telling a guest they’re going to an interactive murder mystery spells disaster… every time. On the other hand, we’ve found that when participants are told beforehand they are doing something audience-participatory like a whodunnit, they are filled with giddy anticipation, and are mentally psyched-up to be playfully interactive.

13). Is it gory or scary?

We use stage blood but nothing too gory or graphic. As far as scariness is concerned, only our Halloween scripts tend to get a little creepy.

14). Is the murder mystery before or after the dinner?

A Keith & Margo’s event begins the moment you check in with the Murder Mystery Host (the guest behind you in line may be an incognito imposter, already behaving suspiciously), and lasts throughout the hors d’oeuvre reception, during dinner and dessert, and ends only as you exit the restaurant or hotel. So watch your back!

15). Can I take pictures or shoot a video?

Yes! Go for it! And then you can upload it to our Facebook page, and share it with us! If you post it on You Tube, please refer to it specifically as a “Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery” show (we’re proud of our brand).


Private Party Topics

1). Instead of a plated dinner, can the mystery be performed with heavy hors d’oeuvres or a buffet?

As long as the people standing can see and hear, heavy hors d’oeuvres is not a problem. We’ve worked with both plated and buffet formats so either way is just fine for us.

2). I want to find my own venue for the event — what should I look for?

You need to find a restaurant with a private party room, or a hotel with a private banquet space… or someone with a large home, where everyone can be in the same room at the same time — having dinner plus seeing and hearing everything as a group.

3). Can I select which script is used?

We have over 100 plots… and it’s our policy to select our own scripts. Some story lines work better than others, and we are expert at picking just the right one.

4). Can an original script be written for my party?

Scripts written from scratch require an additional $2,000 to the quote and at least 2 months notice. Otherwise, we just heavily adapt existing scripts at no extra cost.

5). Does this entertainment work for really large groups?

Yes… with adjustments in staging, audio requirements, format, duration, and style. The larger the audience (200 – 300 or more guests)… the louder, faster, funnier the show needs to be. We are expert at adapting to the needs of the audience.

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