Everything's bigger in Texas, and the cosmopolitan metropolis known as Houston is no exception: It's the biggest city of them all. A perfect place to enjoy Texas’ highest-rated 360º Live-Action Immersion Theatre: Keith & Margo’s MURDER MYSTERY TEXAS.

Mystery Dinners in Houston

Murder Mysteries in Houston

Keith & Margo’s have been killing folks over cuisine for decades.   It won’t be the food that kills.  It could be the incognito actress sitting next to you.  Keith & Margo’s Murder at Maggiano’s in Houston is like a play where every seat is front row center.  The plot meticulously unravels throughout the evening with a generous dose of humor, a lot of action and a series of clues and leads which take some real unsuspected turns.  Be sure to let the shady waiters know that you’re allergic to arsenic.  An evening of Meatballs, Mystery and Mayhem.

Mystery Private Parties in Houston

Keith & Margo’s Team-Building Murder Mystery Events are done on demand in Houston and throughout Texas.  If you are looking for an exciting way to impress your Boss and entertain the staff, there’s nothing better than our hilarious, customized corporate-themed whodunnits.  Who hasn’t dreamed of beating Columbo to the punch or who hasn’t wanted to be Jessica Fletcher or Hercule Poirot?  Well, now’s your chance.  Available at the Maggiano’s Houston venue… or at any location of your choice.

Murder Mystery Weekends

We’ve got an exciting, getaway 3 Day/2 night Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Weekend for you.  Deceive the group with your suspicious behavior or sniff out the culprit as he plots his upcoming murder.  The undercover actors and actresses among you will play their parts to the end, and you can linger on the edges, or attract attention with your enigmatic behavior.  Meanwhile, enjoy the accommodations and amenities of some of the Texas’ most historic, sometimes haunted hotels, or the finest resorts and spas — all packaged together and creating a memory you will never forget.

New Year’s Eve Galas in Houston

Start the New Year off with a Bang (literally)!  Since 1990, our annual Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Midnight Madness in Houston has included a five-course gourmet dinner, comedy holiday mystery, champagne, balloons, party favors, etc. as well as a live D.J. for dancing into the wee small hours!  Additional Guest Room Packages including breakfast available.  Who knows — you might even make new friends as you band together with people at your table to solve the plot!

Valentine’s Galas in Houston

There is a fine line between love and… darker emotions.  Who wouldn’t kill for love?  For over two decades, Keith & Margo’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Houston has been a yearly celebration of fine dining, romantic dancing, murder and merry-making!

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