Dinner Itinerary

What happens at a Mystery Dinner? What's it like?

What is a Typical Public Mystery Dinner Itinerary?


Arrive at the restaurant and meet your Murder Mystery Host and check in.  You receive a name tag, but you can lie and put a fake or funny name on it, or put your own!  Remember, after check-in, you do not have to tell the truth about anything from then on!

• You receive a Welcome Letter with instructions as well as a series of random, humorous ice-breaker questions, to use when interrogating other guests.  These questions are designed to set a light-hearted mood.  The idea is to talk to as many people as possible before someone croaks — your chance to lie to everyone as well!

• Waiters take drink orders.  (Are they all really waiters?  Hmmmm…)

• Guests begin to file into the dining room to sit at round tables populated with suspicious guests and possible imposters!


First course is served and first body hits floor!  A Homicide Detective takes control of the room for the rest of the evening.  Be prepared to be investigated should you be brave enough to ask him a question!

Main Course and Dessert:

A delicious plated dinner, any number of more murders occur, clues pile up and you listen to the Detective and watch each other like hawks!

Answer Forms:

You get a chance to fill in an answer form with your best guess at what happened and who is guilty.  Answers are collected, crime is solved, and arrests made!


Prize awarded to most accurate answer and also for the most hilarious answers!  Over and Out!

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