New Year’s Eve Itinerary

What happens at a New Year's Eve Gala? What's it like?

What is a Typical New Year’s Eve Gala Itinerary?


Guests arrive at the hotel and meet their Murder Mystery Hosts and check in.  They receive an Welcome Letter with instructions.  A few hundred semi-formally dressed guests begin to file into a ballroom to sit at round tables of 10 designated as teams (i.e. The Columbo Team, The Law & Order Team, The CSI Team, etc.).  Meanwhile, the dancefloor is open, and the D.J. is taking requests!


The Murder Mystery Host will announce that the Teams are pitted against each other to try and win the contest.  The first course is served just as a homicide occurs!  A smart-aleck Police Detective takes control of the event for the rest of the evening.  He proceeds to call implicated guests up to the dancefloor/stage area and “roast” them as possible suspects.


The lights dim as the dancefloor again comes alive with party-goers.  Why not mix in a little romance with all the mayhem?  During this, the Teams can question anyone they want as they come up with their theory, but they should not share their ideas with other Teams.


A gourmet dinner continues, amidst heated arguments between conspicuously suspicious guests.  Any number of murders occur, clues pile up as the Teams listen to the Detective and take notes!

Answer Forms/Dancing:

The Teams attempt to come to a consensus in order to solve the crimes.  Each Team will have an opportunity to hand in a written answer.  Eventually, the D.J. kicks in again and continues to take requests, as the dancefloor is re-opened!


The crime is solved, and arrests made!  The Team with the most accurate answer, tying all the evidence together, and picking out the killer or killers win team prizes.  The Team with the most amusing, ridiculous answer also win a boobie prize for each member.

More Dancing:

The D.J. takes over the rest of the evening.

Happy New Year:

The New Year is ushered in with champagne, often a balloon drop, party favors, and lots of kissing!

All Good Things… :

The dancefloor will finally close down, as guests stagger to the elevator to ride up to their guest room.

The Morning After:

Breakfast is served for all those Amateur Sleuths with blood-shot eyes.

(Please Note: Itineraries and individual hotel menus vary and are subject to change)


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