What is a Typical 3-Hour Private Party Itinerary?

What happens at a Private Mystery? What's it like?


• Co-workers are greeted by their Murder Mystery Host, given Welcome Letters, and mingle.  Near the end of the Reception the first murder takes place.

• A local Homicide Detective starts a murder investigation.

Lunch or Dinner:

• The action continues throughout the meal with the Detective continually working the room, interrogating and implicating many of the employees and executives as possible suspects (all done with a lot of humor).

• Various clues are found by the group, some implicating the participants themselves.

• Suspects are narrowed down.

• Towards the end of dinner another murder is staged and, again, our Detective will jump into action.

• More clues are found and the investigation and humorous interrogations continue.

• About this time everyone thinks they know who the murderer is.  That’s when we bump that person off!

Answer Forms:

• Final clues are submitted into evidence.

• Employees and executives are then told they have 10-20 minutes to come up with a solution.  This can be done as individual answers… or… team answers — if tables are designated as competing teams (e.g. The Columbo Team, The Law & Order Team, The CSI Team, etc.).


• After the Mystery Host has collected all the answers, the Detective returns.  The final scene is played out between the Detective and the remaining actors.  In some cases, a real executive might be exposed as one of the murderers!

• The Detective, logically and categorically, solves the crimes, makes his arrests and the actors all exit to wild applause.

• The Host then reads the winning solutions starting with the funniest answers and ending with the best answer.

• Prizes are awarded, actors are introduced.

(Please Note: Itineraries and lengths of private events vary and are subject to change)


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