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Murder Mystery Events

Dallas/Fort Worth  •  Houston  •  Austin  •  San Antonio

“So you think of yourself as a detective, an amateur sleuth, right?

Well, we need all the help we can get. You’ve been accepted to my squad. I’m with the Local PD — Homicide. On special assignment with Murder Mystery Texas — a notorious, professional entertainment service in operation since 1990. A Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas event is an ultra immersive experience designed especially for true fans of the mystery genre… with a twisted sense of humor.

You are literally in the middle of a live-action adventure, conducting your own investigation into a 21st century homicide case. You are discovering and analyzing hidden evidence and interrogating realistic, incognito actors — all the while being treated as a suspect as well. Can you defend yourself? Well, let’s see if you’ve got the stuff to match wits with our hilariously cynical and snarky, modern-day detectives, working the case.

Current Case Load

Here is my current caseload. Select a crime scene you want to work. Bone up on your C.S.I. jargon and stay up for that Law & Order marathon because I’m gonna need you there frosty and ready to work.

I’m tellin’ you straight: trust no one, suspect everyone… and watch your back!

Let’s see what you can handle, amateur sleuth.

MMT Case Files

The MMT Experience

Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas events offer a chilling opportunity for people like you with a passion for cold-blooded homicide… slippery red herrings… diabolical clues… and ingenious detective work to be immersed in one of the most unusual, exhilarating, and spine-tingling experiences ever!

Who hasn’t dreamed of beating Columbo to the punch or who hasn’t wanted to be Jessica Fletcher or Hercule Poirot? Well, now’s your chance. Have us help you create a memory you will never forget… with murder.

Get a taste of what's in store for you from the masters of murder mystery

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Upcoming Events


Saturday, May 27th
The Aloft Hotel
Ft. Worth, TX


Thursday, June 1st
San Antonio, TX


Friday, June 9th
Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen
Allen, TX


Saturday, June 10th
The Aloft Hotel
Ft. Worth, TX


Friday, June 23rd
Blackfriar Pub
Dallas, TX


Saturday, June 24th
The Aloft Hotel
Ft. Worth, TX

Private Events

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For Groups of 10 – 40+

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New events are posted throughout the year.
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