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A Corporate Party with a Murderous Twist

If you are planning to throw an event for your office and/or entire staff, Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas is a great idea. You can get an estimate from their website for your next corporate event. These events are a great way to spend some extra time with your staff and also a way to get all of them to really bond together. These corporate parties can really help to develop a true sense of teamwork.


You can have a plan in mind for the members of your staff or the people at Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas will develop a personal whodunit for you and your employees. You can have the event at the restaurant or venue of your choice, or they can select one for you. All of these specific details are up to decide, because they want it to be tailored to your wants and needs.


How Do These Events Usually Work?


For private corporate parties, all of the co-workers will check in with the host of the event. Everyone is given a letter that basically welcomes them into the event. They will read their letter and begin to mix and mingle with people as they start showing up. Soon after the whole group has begun to socialize, someone ends up dead. This is when the detective comes in and starts gathering clues and asking everyone questions. There are points in this private corporate event that you may start to feel like you are the main suspect. You also may feel like you could be the next to die.


During the meal, the mystery never stops. There are more people that end up dying, again, you could be one of them and the detective starts to get more and more clues until he has found a lead. Clues can also be found by everyone who is participating. The detective will then start to interrogate those who are left alive. This is how he will make his final decision on whodunit.


When You Think You Know Whodunit


At the dinner, you will get an answer sheet that you will turn in when the dinner is over. This will be your answer to who committed all of the murders in the evening. You can use your own clues, and the detective's, to better determine who killed them. Based on all of the clues, when the detective makes the decision, that person will be arrested and taken away. If you matched your answer with the detective’s, you will receive a prize once dinner is over.


This is truly a great way for your staff to bond together. Some of them do choose to work as a team to figure out who committed all of the murders, while others want to solve the mystery on their own. Usually these corporate dinners take about three hours and your staff will be raving about how much fun they had. They will want to participate in one of these dinners again and they will tell all of their friends about it.


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