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A Great Weekend Filled With Murder, Intrigue, And Suspense

A lot can happen in a weekend, especially if you have booked a getaway with Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas. Just imagine, a weekend in one of the most haunted and famous locations of your choice and murders happening all around you. You get to play detective and help find clues that will solve the case. What could be more fun than that?

The Best Weekends

When you book one of Keith and Margo’s murder mystery weekends, you will have a lot of fun. You will also be able to meet a lot of people and mingle with them over the weekend. You can choose a location that is closest to you. There are weekend events all over Texas, but also in locations such as Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska, and Pennsylvania. Some of the locations that they have chosen have been said to be haunted. That adds quite a bit more intrigue and mystery to your already mysterious weekend.

murder mystery weekends

Many of the locations that Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas chooses are historic and eerie. Many of them are also considered to be haunted. Regardless of the location you choose, you will have the chance to get away from the kids and from work for a weekend. You will be able to enjoy one of the most memorable experiences and who knows, maybe even see some ghosts. Murders will happen throughout the weekend, and you will get the chance to solve the mystery on your own. Murders can take place inside, outside, anywhere on the grounds. You never can be sure on what to expect from Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery weekends, except a good time.

The Mysteries Are All Around You

During your stay at one of these amazing locations, you will get a chance to solve a murder and you will get to meet new people. Other guests have come to these weekend getaways to relax and unwind with a little bit of mystery and drama, just like you. Or so they say. It remains to be seen who is who they say they are. And who is still alive when the weekend is over.

The Friday night that you arrive, you will check in with the hosts and begin to enjoy your weekend long mystery. Once you have gotten checked in, you will be able to unpack and relax until it is time for dinner. You can mingle with the other guests and get a feel for who’s who. Then the murders will start.

You will have some free time of your own to explore your location, but remember to keep your eyes open. The actors will be everywhere and this is a great way for you to gather some clues on your own. Generally, by that Saturday night, everyone has collected enough clues to try and solve the mystery. You have to wait until Sunday at breakfast to give your suggestion. There is an awards ceremony that goes along with breakfast, so that everyone who got the right answer can celebrate. Along with your eggs, you can enjoy discovering who the murderer really is, and who has been acting all along. You should book your weekend today. You won’t regret one single moment of it.

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