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Adding A Little Excitement To Date Night

If you are in a relationship that has gone ‘stale,’ maybe it is time to put some spontaneity into your life. An occasional flower, a box of chocolates, and a hug is great, but you want to do something that will bring back the ‘adventure’ into your evenings. Whether you have children or the relationship just needs some ‘sprucing up,’ most relationships need some fine-tuning.


Keep a Calendar


Be sure none of the important dates slip by without you realizing it. The calendar may seem impersonal but it keeps you ahead of the ‘love game,’ so you won’t forget another birthday or special event.  A great thing to do is to schedule alone time.  Everything else ends up on a calendar, so why not pencil in a special night to spend alone. If you have children, plan ahead and have a sitter take them away so you can have some needed private time.


Set the House Mood


murder mystery dinner date


If you want to ‘stay in’ for the evening; turn the living room into a romantic getaway. Move the coffee table to the side, and lay a couple of blankets down. Cover the lamps with a fancy scarf, and drop a few rose petals along the way. Light a couple of candles and pull out the chocolate-covered strawberries. Use your imagination from there!


Never Stop ‘Courting’ Each Other


Stay in touch with friendly little notes to compliment the other partner. Nothing is more romantic than a rose on a pillow or a note on the coffee pot. Keep the romance in the air and be spontaneous.


Indulge in a Hot-Steamy Bath


Nothing says it better than the ritual of a luxurious bath, complete with the bubbles provided by your loving partner. The rest is up to you and your mate!


Make Dinner Plans


You can choose from a variety of entertainment for date night, including a four-course meal or just a romantic candlelit dinner at home. Make it special!


If you choose to go out for some entertainment, make it an exciting event. What about a murder mystery dinner? You can have a delicious 4or 5 course meal and some unique experiences at the same time.  Maybe it is just what you need to get the communication flowing. Talk about the ‘murder’ to see if you can figure it out.  Murder mystery dinners present fun, excitement, and a challenge along with humor and great food, resulting in the perfect way to spent some quality time with your partner.

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