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Amazing Ideas For Spicing Up A Corporate Event

Due to their seemingly formal nature, corporate events are usually expected to be drab and boring. Even interesting corporate events like corporate retreats, excursions and major PR events, such as community outreach, fundraisers and team-building events, which are inherently supposed to be fun, may turn out to be very dull affairs. If you want your employees to have fun, you have to spice things up a bit. You can create a memorable corporate party by simply injecting some of the creative ideas discussed below into the event. If you want to throw a debonair corporate bash, the following tips will come in handy.


Murder Mystery Parties


Ranked among the best ideas for creating an unforgettable event, murder mystery corporate parties are participatory events that provide guests with a fun gaming experience during mealtimes — lunch or dinner. For private corporate parties, you can decide to organize a murder mystery dinner/lunch or a murder mystery weekend; depending on the event’s program and resources. A mystery dinner usually lasts about 2-3 hours, slightly longer than a normal dinner, albeit with nail-biting intrigue, suspense and lots of excitement. A mystery weekend is recommended for a lengthy corporate event, such as a week-long corporate retreat. It usually starts at the reception on Friday night and continues all the way to Sunday brunch.


Murder Mystery Party Setting


In both instances (murder mystery dinners/lunches or weekends), the guests are challenged to solve a murder mystery as soon as they enter the dining room. There are incognito actors among the audience and the mystery is usually customized to match the desired corporate theme. Murder mystery parties are especially good for corporate team-building events. They offer the employees an excellent opportunity to bond and to work together as a team to solve an interesting and comical murder mystery. The winning team earns prizes and proves itself to the company’s management.

Please note that it is always advisable to hire a professional event organizer for murder mystery parties. Such companies are usually equipped with all the necessary resources including befitting venues, ample and delicious food and beverages, professionally scripted mysteries, and professional actors.


Themed Corporate Parties


murder mystery corporate party


You can also embellish a corporate event by introducing a specific party theme. Whether it’s a corporate or individual party, a themed bash is always fun and alluring. Ordinarily, there are two types of party theme designs: a historical/time-set theme and a destination theme. You can decide to execute one type of the theme designs or to combine both. A historical theme design sets the dress code of the guests and appearance of the venue with regard to a particular historical period of time. For instance, you can throw a 1950’s corporate party for your employees.

Consequently, all attendees must dress accordingly and there should be prizes for the best, worst, and most original costumes. A destination theme design sets a party theme according to a specific cultural setting. In other words, guests are expected to mimic and dress according to a certain cultural setting like Hawaiian or Mexican, without travelling to that specific destination for the party. In either theme designs, the party venue must also be customized — in terms of the general ambiance, décor, and sometimes even the food service — to reflect the projected party theme.

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