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An Interactive Experience for Thrill Seeking Diners

Murder mystery dinner theatre is a type of dinner and show for sleuths who love to solve mysteries and interact as they enjoy a delicious meal served to their table. Diners experience a unique blend of delicious food and a social setting while also interacting with the cast and crew in a stimulating quest to discover who committed a crime. Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas dinner theater is an internationally-acclaimed entertainment service that thrills and chill its visitors with professional actors in over five different Texas cities. In addition to dinners, they also offer customers custom crime solving experiences in party settings, such as corporate events and holiday galas.

What Should You Expect?

Audiences in murder mystery dinners are often shocked by the elaborate stories and intermingling plots that have been constructed to entertain and delight them during their dinner. Disguised actors and comedy bits are thrown in with some real detective work, allowing diners to delight in not only excellent food, but also in excellent company. Often the actors are mixed in with the diners, disguised and eating amongst them for long periods of time. Interactive murder mystery dinners involve audience members and the relay of clues across the board, promoting camaraderie and teamwork with the audience. Scavenger hunts, interviews, décor, and the professionalism of the staff all contribute to ensuring that guests of the murder mystery dinners have an incredible experience. The food at Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas dinner theaters is renowned for its excellence, and the service staff are highly trained. Though they offer murder mystery dinners, the entire show is comprised of a fair blend of humor and overall positivity. Guests remark about the fun atmosphere and often find themselves returning for more murder mystery dinners. Some people may not like solving murder mystery dinners in public, and for those people, Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas offers four alternative programs to the murder mystery dinners. Clients can reserve corporate parties, weekends of murder mystery, or purchase tickets to a holiday gala event


Value and Popularity

Entertainment in modern times is widely available on cell phones, computers, and other devices courtesy of the internet. Despite living in this electronic age, people often still desire a more human, interactive experience, and that is why murder mystery dinners are increasing in popularity. Guest love the cooperative and fun atmosphere, and often will return with friends and family to share the experience of murder mystery theater with their loved ones. Word of mouth about the excellent food and remarkable performances have made murder mystery dinners a popular form of entertainment and dining. Typical shows with Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas last between two and three hours, which is an amazing value ,as the courses of the meal are served throughout the performance. Visitors return throughout the year to enjoy new programs and dinners. Keith and Margo have locations in six cities, some with multiple locations. Murder mystery dinners are on the rise on a national level, but this Texas based chain of murder mystery performances is above and beyond the typical dinner and a show.


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