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Be Creative On A First Date

Why Murder Should Be On Your Mind


When you are planning your first date with a new person you want to put your best foot forward and make it a date that person will remember for a long time to come. In a crowded market, like Dallas, that can be hard to do because the number of interesting activities is so high that finding something your date has never done before might be impossible. One of the things that can make for a terrific first date is a murder mystery dinner. There are a lot of reasons why such a date can really help you make an impression.


Relieves A Lot Of Pressure


Nerves are common during first dates and that can sometimes lead to awkward silences and periods where both people feel a lot of stress to keep things moving forward. This is not always because there is no chemistry, sometimes it is just what happens when two strangers are forced to spend time alone together. The murder mystery dinner works to relieve a lot of the pressure that you normally feel in a dating setting because you only have to carry on a conversation for short periods of time. The rest of the evening is spent engaged with the other guests.


Creates Strong Memories


Though your date may have had other really good dating experiences, a murder mystery dinner will allow that person to create some strong memories that are related to you. He or she will remember the laughs that were had at some of the more outrageous theories regarding the murder, and they will remember the time that they spent gathering information and forming their own ideas about the murder. All of those memories are related to you and help to keep you in your date’s mind even after the night is finished.


It Provides A Nice Transition


Finally, a murder mystery dinner gives you a great transition to move to another, more intimate activity. After the event is over you can suggest going to grab a cup of coffee or a drink at a local bar where you and your date can talk about all of the things that you experienced at the dinner. This will give you something to talk about even when the conversation lags and it can be a nice piece of support if you still need help. However, by this time you should have spent enough time with your date that you feel much more comfortable in his or her presence and you should be able to handle things on your own.


A murder mystery dinner is one of the great date night ideas in Dallas, both for couples who have been together for a long time, and for those couples who are going out on their first date. When you plan the date, just make sure that this is the kind of event that your date will be interested in attending, otherwise it is going to be a long and uncomfortable night.

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