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Booking A Private Murder Mystery Party

It is very exciting when the office wants to get together for a corporate event. Usually these events are a great way to help the team bond and work together. One of the best ways to get the office or company together is to book a private murder mystery. These prove to really get employees to think and work together, which strengthen relations in the work place. There are many different types of events that can be booked and many different companies that you can go through. One of the best companies to use is Murder Mystery Texas. They have high quality actors and actresses that will really make the murder mystery event be fun and intriguing, and require team participation as well.


Customizing The Event For Your Staff


When booking a private corporate party, Murder Mystery Texas will help you each step of the way, customizing your event to suit your specific needs. You can have it at a venue of you choice, or one of the Murder Mystery's partners. You can even have it at your own business. You can choose a plot from one of their many humorous and challenging ones, or create one of your own. You can include bosses or employees, or have the plot remain in the actor's hands. The staff at Murder Mystery Texas can help you come up with a plan to best suit your needs and expectations. You can opt for a murder mystery lunch or dinner. Most choose to do dinner so they can take their time and there is no rush to get back to the office.


First, there is a reception at the beginning of the event as everyone arrives and gets checked in with the host of the event. Then the fun will really begin. The murders begin to happen as everyone is getting comfortable and mingling. There is a detective that will also come into the room and start to question each and every guest. You may notice some new faces around that could be possible suspects. Anyone in the room can be a suspect, including some of your staff members or even the boss. This is when the staff really starts to work together and find clues to solve the mystery.


Developing Relationships While Uncovering Whodunits


The excitement continues to build as the staff works together to try and uncover who has committed the murders. The answers will be collected and the detective will share his clues as well. The team that chooses the correct answer will receive a special prize. The entire staff can receive prizes based on their answers and how well they collected clues.


You can also use these events to give out office prizes of your own. After the mysteries have been solved, you can take the time to give your staff a speech about how well they are doing, introduce some prizes of your own, and share your feelings about them. These events are easy to book and your staff will be talking about this one for years to come. This is a terrific way to get the staff to work together and be more comfortable with each other. You will soon see that this event really did help them come together and form a stronger bond inside and outside of the workplace. 

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