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Break Out Of Your Valentine’s Day Rut

Start A New Tradition Of Murder


When you think of Valentine’s Day and all of the dates that you have been on for that holiday you will typically have the same experiences over and over again. The dates involve going to some kind of candlelit dinner in a crowded restaurant, followed by some kind of bland entertainment. The date itself is barely memorable and all of the time and effort put into planning the night seems wasted. If that is a problem you have faced before, then it may be time to inject a little murder into your Valentine’s Day plans with a little murder mystery dinner.

Murder Mystery New Year's Eve

What is the event?


For Valentine’s Day you will be able to attend a special Valentine’s Day murder mystery dinner that includes all of the regular features of the normal events, with some special additions. You will still begin with the normal meet and greet, followed by a period of mingling with other guests. At that point you are split into groups for the event, after which you can dance with your date. Throughout the night there will be times when you interrogate the cast and the other guests about the murder, but there is plenty of time to have private romantic moments with your date on the dance floor. Once the murder has been solved you can go back to dancing and enjoy the rest of your time with your special partner.


What makes the event unique?


For starters, you get to have a nice romantic dinner without the crowds or the rush that you will feel if you go to a traditional restaurant. In addition, you are entertained while you enjoy your meal and spend time with your date, all while there are periods for the two of you to share some romantic slow dances. Finally, the packages include a special deal with the hosting hotel which can give you a discounted room rate so that when you are done with dancing and hanging out with our couples you and your date can have some private time, completely alone.


What is the cost?


Because of the length of the event it does cost a little more than even a normal murder mystery dinner, but you have many bonuses that you would not get with the regular dinner. Prices are around $89 a person for dinner, show, and gratutities, and to include a hotel room for the night will cost about $130 extra. Compared to the other Valentine’s Day date options, this is well within reason. Even if you have experienced a murder mystery dinner, the scope and pageantry of the Valentine’s Day show still has the power to amaze you.


Planning a memorable Valentine’s Day takes time and effort, but attending a murder mystery dinner will give you something to do that is different than the norm. This date idea in Fort Worth is one of many new experiences you and your date can enjoy, and your partner will appreciate the effort that you put into your Valentine’s Day plans.

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