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Corporate Parties Can Bring A Team Together

Have you been looking for just the right event that you and your staff can take part in? Do you need some teamwork activities to raise the motivation level in your firm? You can actually book a private party with Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas. These private parties are a great way to get your company’s staff to bond and develop a better rapport with each other as a team. Booking one of these parties is very simple and your entire staff will have great time laughing and sleuthing together.

What To Know About Booking A Private Party

 private corporate parties

Private corporate parties are quite a lot of fun for everyone on the job. Keith and Margo’s whodunit parties are just what your company needs to do some quality bonding and take teamwork to the next level. These parties will work just like a murder mystery dinner, except your staff will be teamed up with one another and not strangers. They will check in with the dinner’s host and they will receive specific instructions on where to go and what to do. They will be given a note card that they will use during dinner to keep up with the clues that they find. Once they sit down as a team at their table, the fun can really start.

When the first course of dinner is being served, your opportunity to see how well your staff will work together begins. The first murder is committed. Your staff will be excited and the intrigue and suspense will start to brew. The detective on the case will come out and introduce themselves to your staff. They will inform your staff that they are all now part of a mystery. They will be the ones in charge of seeking out clues, in hopes that they can find the killer before they strike again.

Choose Your Restaurant Or Let Murder Mystery Texas Choose for You

There are quite a few options when you book a corporate party. You can select the restaurant of your choice or you can choose one of the many locations that Keith and Margo’s uses. If you plan on having your own speech and awards after the dinner, you may want to select a place where you can continue the festivities after the actors have left. This will be easier for you and your staff to unwind and have a few more drinks and bonding activities. Many companies choose their own location to do employee awards and talk about any new products and standards they want to introduce to their employees.

Making the choice to select Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas as the way to get your staff together is a wise decision. The staff at Keith and Margo’s knows how to really get a team together. Seeing who works well together, finding out who is a team player, and possibly discovering a new leader are all things that make these corporate team builders successful. Add in the suspense, fun, and good food and you have a recipe for a memorable company function. 

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