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Corporate Parties Have Never Been Like This Before


Part of working for a corporate business is that your company will often offer team building opportunities for the staff. When you want the staff to really connect and trust each other, there are quite a few important team building games and activities that you can do. One of the best is attending one of Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas corporate murder mystery dinners. This is a great way to bond the team and get everyone on the same page. These events are a lot of fun for the entire staff and they can learn quite a lot.


Customized To Help Build The Team


Keith and Margo’s corporate parties can really help with corporate team building. These corporate parties are private and catered to your company and the type of team building you are in need of. The actors will provide just the right energy and entertainment for you and all of your staff. These corporate parties will usually last about three hours or so. Your employees will be greeted by the staff and they will think that they’re just having a staff dinner. Unless you tell them what is about to happen, they will be surprised.


Your coworkers will all mingle at the beginning of dinner. You can order cocktails and beers with dinner if you want; it is entirely up to you. When everyone gets settled, the first course arrives along with a murder. This is when your staff will first meet the detective. He will educate them on what they will be doing at the dinner and how to start to help him gain clues on who really committed the crime. This is where employees truly begin working as a team unit, and they can iron out differences and truly bond.


Lunch Or Dinner And A Little Murder


If you are planning on having a corporate event, you can do so with your staff at lunch or dinner. Dinners are always suggested because they take a few hours and your staff will not have to rush to get back to work. This makes for a much more relaxed environment and better team building. Once your staff gathers clues during their event, you can truly see who worked together and who did not. This is a great way to build new teams in the office as well. The team that solves the mystery will get a prize from the event staff and you can bring your own prizes as well.


These corporate events are a great way to get your staff together for a good time and to get to know each other better. You can bring awards and prizes and you can use this as an outlet to have a staff meeting as well. Your staff will see what a great time you can show them and you can see how well they all work together. 

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