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Dallas Halloween Events

Halloween is quickly gaining ground on New Year’s Eve as one of the premiere holidays on the social calendar. As with New Year’s Eve, every cultural hotbed in America tries to put its own spin on the holiday and offer its own unique variety of events with a Halloween theme. The Dallas area is no exception. A costume party is no longer enough. People are seeking new forms of social entertainment on Halloween weekend. Because Halloween has never been as popular, especially among young adults, as it is right now, it can be difficult to keep track of all the current Halloween options in Dallas. Here is a look at a few of the eclectic options Dallas has to offer.


murder mystery Dallas


Murder Mystery Dinners

Murder mystery dinners—the live, often interactive detective stories acted out over an evening meal—are increasing in popularity. Traditionally, they’re a form of entertainment suited for any occasion. Birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, holidays and get-togethers of all varieties have been occasion to sup and sleuth. More and more folks nowadays, however, are observing the natural connections between murder mystery dinners and Halloween. Of course, the companies who put on the shows have had a hand in strengthening this association as well—they’re incorporating Halloween themes like monsters and ghosts into the murder mystery. Believe it or not, there are murder mystery shows happening on a regular basis all over Texas. Dallas specifically has multiple venues, from historic eating establishments to popular contemporary restaurants, that murder mystery entertainment companies partner with and utilize as the settings for their shows. This Halloween, consider a Dallas murder mystery dinner has never been a more viable option for private parties or public outings. Even outside of Halloween, some companies offer shows on a weekly basis.


Haunted Houses And Fundraisers

Haunted houses used to be fairly straightforward. A maze-like walkway past a series of scares, sometimes outside, sometimes in a dark room or building. Images and props were set up with the intention of being gross, scary, funny or a combination of the three. Some haunted houses had live people dressed in costumes who would pop out and pretend to chase you. Nowadays, all over Texas, and the Dallas area in particular, there are haunted houses to satisfy a broad range of Halloween customers. Some Dallas haunted houses are geared toward thrill-seekers. The marketing material for these extreme haunted houses is filled with disclaimers. They are very interactive and some even require you to sign a waiver. On the other end of the spectrum, there are philanthropic events at well-known Dallas hotels with haunted house themes. These events raise money for great causes and include live music, costume contests and other Halloween fare in a more relaxed environment. Many people are finding that Halloween festivities are the perfect, fun context in which to do meaningful charity work. Many of these events raise money for local children in Dallas and are held during the day to encourage families to attend. A quick search for a Dallas Halloween events calendar reveals that the city has a haunted house for everyone.

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