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Entertaining, Fun-Filled Nights in Texas!

Murder Mystery Dinners and Shows Throughout Texas




For those interested in a night of fun filled entertainment and mystery, Murder Mystery Texas has something for everyone. We offer very well-known dinners, shows, and several special events that take place all year long. Murder Mystery Texas take a great deal of pride in providing customers with a sense of fun and friendly interaction in many different ways. Nowhere else can you get a dinner and show like this. You can expect excellent service and professional entertainment through the entire night. Don’t miss out on the next available dinners and shows coming up on Friday October 30th. The first event is a dinner in San Antonio at 6 pm at Maggiano’s (San Antonio). The second dinner will be held in Austin at 7 pm at Maggiano’s (Austin). The third event will be held in Plano at 7:30 pm at Maggiano’s (Willow Bend). All of these events are an excellent way to enjoy a great experience with your family and friends. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to call ahead and schedule a night of exceptional food and fun for the whole family.






Multiple Shows and Events Offered All Throughout the Year




Murder Mystery Texas has been providing an excellent source of professional grade entertainment for several years and has been expanding the number of shows and events offered as well as the number of locations that they are offered. Murder Mystery Texas has grown into a large well respected business that offers several events including Murder Mystery Dinners, Private Corporate Parties, Murder Mystery Weekends, New Year’s Eve Gala, and Valentines Gala. All of these events are very unique with something different to offer. You can find these events in 5 cities in Texas which include Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. You can expect excellent food and service in all aspects when dining with Murder Mystery Texas. We offer exceptional drinks, appetizers, dinners, and desserts all prepared to the exact degree of your liking and approval. You can also expect friendly interaction with you and the unique enthusiastic staff involved here at this exciting restaurant.






What to Expect When Attending Any Occasion




Upon arrival, you can expect to be treated with excellent customer care and catering to any special needs that you may require or desire. If you have any special requests ahead of time please feel free to give us a call and let us know, we are happy help your unique situation any way that we can. If you experience any problems or questions just ask and we will improve the situation to meet your standards and approval in every way that we possibly can. Don’t miss out on the next upcoming opportunities available in San Antonio at 6 pm, Austin at 7 pm, and Plano at 7:30 pm. These three events will all take place on Friday October 30th so call ahead and schedule a reservation for an unforgettable night of great food, fun, and professional entertainment infused with mystery.







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