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Fall/Winter Weekend Retreats

When most people think of vacation, they think of warm weather. In America, the summer vacation became an institution for families, couples and individuals alike.


The Popularity Of Summer


Summer remains the most popular time to travel. Even outside of summer, the warmer months still remain the most popular times to travel. For students and families, spring is becoming a more popular travel time. This is because of school scheduling. Many students receive as many as two weeks off of school during the spring months for a spring break period. Not only do college aged students use this time to travel with friends, often for the first time on their own without supervision, but many families with younger children are taking advantage of their time out of school and taking their family vacations in the spring.


Winter Counts, Too


Despite all of this cultural energy behind warm weather travel, there comes a point for many people—again, individuals, couples and families—when a vacation is needed in the winter months. Often, schedules and multiple commitments around the holidays make it difficult to travel in the fall or the winter for an extended period of time. School breaks during these periods are more frequent but are shorter in duration. For those reasons, many people are opting to take protracted fall and winter trips. Often, these trips are simple weekend getaways. So, whether you just need some time alone to recharge, are in need of a romantic weekend as a couple or are looking to take the whole family along, here are some popular fall and weekend retreat options.




Camping is something that is often thought of as a warmer weather activity, but for the seasoned camper there is nothing more relaxing, rewarding and recharging than camping in cooler weather. Some camping enthusiasts even swear by cold weather camping. There is some sort of sense of accomplishment built into the activity of camping in the fall or winter. There is certainly a campground in your area. And it can be a good activity for the whole family because it provides a setting for creative interaction and learning. Other great places to camp are state parks, which often have special areas designated for camping. These parks offer many different levels of ruggedness to their camping, from simple tent sites with no electricity to cabins with more modern conveniences.


Sporting Events


The only problem with attending a sporting event is that, if you factor in the time you spend in line and spend parking before and after the game, you spend just as much time getting to and from the game than you do in your seat watching the game itself. One solution to this chosen by an increasing number of people is to stay at home altogether and watch the game from the comfort of their couch on their big screen TV. Another option is to make the sporting event a weekend getaway and stay overnight near the game. This lessens the logistical stress of going to a game.


Murder Mystery Weekends


murder mystery weekends


For the enthusiastic fan of murder mystery dinners, some dinner theater entertainment companies are offering murder mystery weekends. These are extended versions of murder mystery dinners that offer, yes, more murder, more mystery and more dinner. Attending one over the course of a whole weekend allows you to eat multiple meals while you solve more complex crimes that often cover a larger, more interactive area and have more plot twists.

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