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For Those Nights When You Need A Little Spark

A Fun New Date Idea For Long-Term Couples


The longer you date someone the more likely it is that the two of you will fall into a routine where you eat at the same places and go to the same events. Though this can be comfortable it can also become boring and slowly the romance erodes from the relationship. This is especially true if you are married and you have had kids that made it difficult to find a night out alone. A great way to rekindle some of that romance and enjoy an adult night out is to attend a murder mystery dinner.


What is it?


A murder mystery dinner is a four course meal in which you are entertained by a fully immersive and interactive mystery experience. After you spend some time getting to know the other guests it is revealed that a murder has occurred. You then spend the rest of the evening gathering clues, interrogating witnesses and formulating a theory about who the killer might be. At the end of the night all of the guests fill out their answer forms and awards are given for the best theory and for the most humorous one.


Why is it better than dining alone as a couple?


One of the problems that you will run in to when you have been together for a long time is that you very rarely meet new people. You spend most of your time with the same people from work, from church or your other social circles, and you never expand. A murder mystery dinner brings together people who at least have a shared interest in live theater or mysteries and gives them the chance to interact. During the mingling periods of the event it is vital that you talk to as many people as possible, which encourages you to be social and maybe even make some new friends.


What does it cost?


Most murder mystery dinners are incredibly cheap, especially when you consider that you are getting dinner and a show for a single price. Good quality shows will cost about $60 a person, or a little over $100 for the couple, with additional charges if you want to drink alcohol. On the other hand, the event lasts about two or three hours, so the cost of attending the event is well worth what you will get in return. When compared to the price of dinner and a movie, the cost of a murder mystery dinner date is actually a little cheaper for most people.


If you are looking for fun date ideas in Dallas you have a lot of different options to choose from, but few that will give you the same kind of experience that a murder mystery dinner provides and even fewer that do so at the same price point. Young or old, married or still dating, a murder mystery dinner is a fantastic way to shake up your routine and enjoy a special night out with your partner.

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