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Four Weird Things To Do While In Austin

Austin, Texas is characterized as a weird city. There are campaigns that praise the weird atmosphere of the area. From bumper stickers, to books, and t-shirts, being weird is something that native Austin residents cherish. When visiting Austin, you will discover that the city lives up to its name of being a weird place to go. Some of the weird things to do Austin are visiting the Cathedral of Junk, eating at a trailer park, playing chicken poop Bingo, and enjoying a murder mystery dinner.


The Cathedral Of Junk


interesting things in Austin


The Cathedral of Junk is an interesting place to visit. It was built by an Austin native, Vince Hannemann. The structure of the junk cathedral is setup to emulate The Watts Towers in LA, California. The difference between the two is The Watts Tower features beautiful mosaic patterns, while this cathedral is made of whole pieces of junk and other miscellaneous parts. There are areas where you will climb stairs, and various rooms to see what happens when too much junk ends up in one place.


Eating At A Trailer Park


Austin is a city that is rich in culture. When thinking about the cultural impact of the city, food comes to mind. There are lots of restaurants and eateries to visit, but the best ones are in trailer parks. If the idea of visiting a trailer park to eat seems weird, the menu is even weirder than the idea. A few options that guests have when choosing to eat at a park include: a doughnut with chicken, cake on a stick, and a fried avocado and corn flake cone.


Playing Chicken Poop Bingo


You will never look at a game of Bingo the same after playing chicken poop Bingo. Many Austin locals scurry to Little Longhorn Saloon for a chance to win some money. The game is played every Sunday afternoon. It is based off the original Bingo game. What makes this game weird is that chickens have the final say on who wins and who doesn’t.

Chickens are given feed so they can produce poop. Everyone who wants to play the game pays $2. The chicken is unleashed into a pen that has a series of numbers. The first number that the chicken poops on is the winner. The winner is awarded with cash, just like in a traditional Bingo game.


Murder Mystery Dinner


If you are a fan of the game clue or the television show CSI then an Austin murder mystery dinner is just up your alley. In the weird city of Austin, you can have a dinner date that involves murder and mystery. Actors battle it out in front of you, and a real crime scene investigation takes place all while enjoying a delicious dinner. At the end of the night, a suspect is detained for their crime, just like in real life.

The things to do and see in Austin help keep the city weird and unique. From visiting museums to exploring the streets, Austin will make you look at things differently. These are just a few of the weird and wacky things you can do while visiting the city.


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