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Fun Dining Options In Houston

For the first time in history, people are spending more money eating out than they are at the grocery store. This reality is certainly reflected in Houston. There has never been a more diverse set of options for dining out in the Houston area. Whatever your reason for dining out might be—from a busy work schedule to an opportunity for relaxation and entertainment—there is an option in the Houston area that fits your need. Here is a look at some of the most popular and interesting options.


Murder Mystery Dinners


Dinner theater in general can be a polarizing entertainment option—you either love it or don’t care for it. If you have never tried a murder mystery dinner, however, you might be in for a surprise (literally!). Murder mystery dinners, as opposed to traditional dinner theater, are interactive and fun for the entire family. Folks who may be bored watching a play or musical are often excited by the chance to crack the case during this more interactive entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned sleuth or have never even heard of it before, consider buying tickets for a Houston murder mystery dinner when you plan your next night out.


Houston murder mystery dinner




Houston is only an hour away from the Gulf of Mexico. While most think of New Orleans as the American city most deliciously able to incorporate seafood from the gulf into their culinary culture, Houston is closer to New Orleans—both in terms of geography and cuisine—than most would think. If you’re visiting Houston or live there and have never taken the dive into the city’s seafood options, be sure to go out and see for yourself just how much the Gulf, and the seafood it provides, has recovered in recent years.


Mexican Food


Of course, the primary stylistic culinary influence on the cuisine of Houston is its Texan proximity to Mexico. Of course, there is no shortage of authentic Mexican restaurant options in Houston. A growing culinary trend, however, is the fusion of different styles of cooking and cuisine. Experienced foodies may want to keep an eye out for ways Houston is combining Mexican-style cooking and food with Bayou and American southeastern regional styles to create dining experiences that could only happen in Houston.


Local Restaurants/Breweries


The increase in dollars spent eating out has coincided with an increase in local restaurants and breweries. These establishments are owned locally, often trying to source local ingredients to use on their menu. Not only does patronizing these businesses stimulate the local economic community, customers can also take pride in knowing that only their community could have conjured up the unique and delicious food and drink available at these places.


Farmers’ Markets


Farmers’ markets are perhaps the ultimate in local food. For many Americans throughout history, local food in fact meant growing it themselves on small family farms. Some people enjoy the idea of their food coming from local sources so much that they want to take the next step by knowing exactly where it comes from, as well as knowing the people responsible for growing or raising it. Beyond die-hard local food enthusiasts, the farmers’ market is a great place for anyone to walk around on a beautiful day. Fresh food is often cooked on the spot. There are many weekly farmers’ markets held throughout the year in the Houston area.

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