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Fun Ways to Enjoy Murder Mystery Theater

Many people really enjoy murder mystery theater. It has become very popular among many theater goers. The basic idea is that guests of the dinner eat their meals while a fake homicide happens right before their very eyes. The actors interact with the guests and staff at the dinner. Each and every person in the room will take part in the murder mystery theater and some of them will even become victims of the murderer. These dinners are for everyone, and you can participate as much or as little as you want to.


Quite a Variety of Mystery Dinners Offered


In the Dallas area alone, there are a myriad of murder mystery dinners and events. Dallas murder mystery dinner theater is showcased best by Murder Mystery Texas. Besides their humorous and fun dinners, they host private dinners, corporate team builders, and weekend getaways. They also put on spectacular Galas on Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve.


Sometimes Love Can Be Fatal


With all of these different types to choose from, it can be hard to determine which will be the most fun. Valentine’s Day seems to be one of the most popular. The theater troupe holds their annual Valentine’s Day Gala on February 13th and 14th. Many couples will celebrate this very romantic evening with their friends and a good ole homicide. This event brings quite a crowd and is always fun and exciting. The guests love to play whodunit dressed in their red dresses and formal suits. The food is always amazing and the DJ gets the crowd moving and dancing.


New Year’s Eve Is A Great Night For Murder


One of the most interesting and fun murder mystery events falls on New Year’s Eve. Party goers will have a great time when they join the theater for some drama and mystery. During the courses of the meal, the dinner guests will see firsthand how the homicides happen at these events. They will see someone from their dining room get murdered. Every person at the dinner turns into a suspect and they never know who to trust. The detective will even come out and start to gather clues from all of the dinner guests. As they dine, they will search the hotel, where the event is taking place, for clues of their own.


Once the guests have found clues, they will go back and talk with the others at their table about a possible suspect. The detective will ask everyone for their suggestions on who committed these homicides. Once the right answer has been found, the team that guessed correctly wins a prize. Shortly after dinner and the murders have been solved, the guests can celebrate by dancing the night away.


Many fans of this type of theater love it because they meet quite a few different people. Attending these events is a great way to make new friends and to broaden one’s theater horizons. By checking out the local dinner theaters in your area, you can find events that are not only dramatic, but also very entertaining. Murder Mystery Texas provides just the right ambiance along with great actors and delectable food.  

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