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Get In To The Local Theater Scene

Entertainment Options In The Houston Area


As one of the largest cities in the United States, Houston offers almost all of the same cultural amenities that you will find in the most cosmopolitan cities. From world renowned museums to a thriving arts scene, Houston ranks as a growing cultural center in the United States. In Houston the most vibrant cultural activity is the local theater scene. There are three general types of theater that you can enjoy in Houston.

Murder Mysteries in Houston

Big Productions


If you want to see some of the biggest and most profitable productions ever to succeed on Broadway, the Hobby Theater is the place to go. Their 2014 schedule will see big name productions like The Wizard of Oz and American Idiot along with many more. Though the stage is large enough to handle the set work of the major Broadway productions, but the smaller size of the seating area gives the venue a very intimate feel. Located in downtown, you have plenty of access to great restaurants and bars for your pre- and post-play refreshments.


Local Theater


Though the big names are likely to draw the largest crowds, some of the best plays being performed today are small productions that are put on by local writers and local theater companies. The Alley Theater is Houston’s premiere venue for highlighting local talent. As a smaller theater they are able to put on more experimental and cerebral plays than some of the other theaters. Even with these great works of art, the Alley Theater still finds the time to put on more mainstream plays and even family fare that everyone can enjoy. In addition, every year the Alley Theater honors the best bright young playwrights in Houston through the HYPE (Houston Young Playwrights Exchange) program, even going so far as to stage and produce several of the plays.


Interactive Theater


When you are tired of the same old dinner, you might want to consider participating in the local dinner theater performances. Some of the best local theater shows to attend are those that are put on by Murder Mystery Texas, including their regular murder mystery shows and their exceptional Valentine’s Day Massacre. The event includes both a fully immersive theatrical experience, as well as a four course meal for a single low price. The beauty of these events is that you are not just watching talented actors perform, you are able to join in the festivities and actively try to solve the mystery on your own.


When it comes to entertainment in Houston, Texas the vibrant theater scene offers a number of different avenues to enjoy shows of the highest caliber. From the biggest productions that have a proven track record of success on Broadway to the small and more intimate dinner shows, you are sure to have a great experience. If you have any interest in the theater, explore some of the smaller venues and see the tremendous talent that exists in the Houston area.

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