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Having the Most Mysterious Night at Home

If you have always been a fan of Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery USA, you can now buy the home game. You can host your own Murder Mystery dinners with your friends and family members. All you need in your home is a television and DVD player.


The way that the game works is that it is a movie and the people in your home are all part of this movie. It is very easy to play and it is only $29.95. You can buy it on the website, at There are enough characters for 8-12 players, and your next dinner party will “kill”.


Playing the game and finding the murderer


Once everyone is settled down and had some appetizers, you are ready to start the game. Each person at your party will get a card. This is the card that will tell them what character they are, their age, and some info about who the person is & what their motives may be. There are twelve total cards, 6 men and 6 women. The Murder Mystery home game can now begin. You can now start the DVD for everyone to watch and learn just how this game will be played.


When you and your dinner guests are playing the Murder Mystery home game, you will follow along with the DVD. This will help you to gather clues and see who seems to be the guilty person or persons. The DVD can be paused, allowing time for everyone to gather clues and interrogate each other. This will also give you the time that you need to eat dinner and have a few drinks together. This game will take about three hours to play and you and your guests will have a lot of fun and laughs doing it. Playing the game between courses helps keep the night moving, dinner progressing, and the fun and intrigue rolling continuously.


A Fun Way to Have Dinner


This game is entertaining for all of your friends and family. You cannot go wrong with this home game. It is a great icebreaker if the guests aren't familiar with each other, and if everyone know one another it is even funnier. No one knows who the murderer will be until the very end of the game. You can order this game straight from Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas website. It will be sent to you rather quickly, within ten days, so that you can go ahead and start planning for your next dinner party or get together. Serving buffet style or just an evening of finger foods are great ways to keep the game rolling and encourages everyone to talk, ask questions, and try to discover who the culprit is. This game will surprise your friends and turn a boring night of food & drinks into something exciting, funny, and surprising.


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