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Here’s How You Can Put on Your Own Murder Mystery Dinner

If you enjoy murder mysteries, then youre going to love solving a mystery of your own with guests of your choosing. Bring them all together to solve a crime, while also enjoying a  meal. This can be a great way to bring friends, family, or a special group together for a night of fun. From birthdays and anniversaries, to girls night out and bachelorette parties, any occasion is better with a murder mystery to solve. Maybe your monthly book club meetings need some livening up, or you just moved in to a new neighborhood and want to get to know your neighbors. Your own murder mystery at home can be tailored to fit any situation and provide icebreakers and laughs. It is always fun to seee who the budding actors are, and who is the comic relief.


Order A Murder Mystery DVD


With a murder mystery DVD, youre easily able to execute your own murder mystery with the plot, the characters, and the scenes already figured out for you. When your guests arrive, hand them a character card, serve appetizers and cocktails, and let the games begin. The DVD will set the scene, and everyone follows along, inserting their parts and ad-libbing as they see fit. As the plot thickens, the DVD guides the evening and provides a timely break in the action to have dinner.


Make Sure to Feed Your Guests


Part of a murder mystery is being able to have a delicious meal, as well. Along with snacks and beverages, a well thought out dinner will help make the evening’s festivities a success. It is often a great idea to have a theme dinner. Mexican fiestas and tropical luaus are always favorites, and inviting everyone to dress appropriately makes for more fun and an opportunity to award prizes. They can be silly door prizes or nice gifts, the choice is up to you.

Naming your dishes and drinks with theme appropriate monikers will tie everything together even more. If your guests aren’t really the dress up type, you could provide accessories that can easily be worn during the game. A box of hats, a few scarves, an eye-patch, a boa, anything to add to their characters will set the mood and help your guests “feel the part”.

murder mystery DVD

Whether you want to have an extravagant four course dinner, or you just want a relaxed buffet where a bunch of friends can come and have a good time; the right steps taken can ensure that your night goes as smoothly as possible. Make the most of your night, enjoy the time and of course, help solve one of the biggest murders that your house has ever seen.


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