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Hints On Attending A Murder Mystery Dinner

Many people love to attend murder mystery dinners because they can add a lot of mystery into your life for a few hours. There are many different companies that throw these dinners, but one of the most famous is Murder Mystery Texas, based out of Arlington, Texas. They are known for their weekend and holiday events that really draw in quite a crowd.

What To Expect When Attending A Murder Mystery Dinner


Many people are unsure of what will happen when they attend a Houston murder mystery dinner. There is quite a lot to look forward to. When guests of these dinners come in, they will check in with the host, who is one of the actors of the theater troupe. They will be assigned to a table where they will be placed in a group with other guests. One of these guests could be an actor or could even be the murdered victim. You never know who you will be sitting with at one of these dinners. The important thing to remember is that it is all an act, no matter how real it feels.


There are icebreakers at the reception as well. You can fill out your name tag and you can put down a real name or a fake name. Remember, this is dinner theater, and everyone in the room may be using an alias. Waiters pass out the drinks, and the suspense hangs in the air. Everyone knows that something is about to happen, they are just not sure where it will happen and at what moment. When the food starts to come out, that is when the real action starts to take place.


Food And Then Some Murders


One of the things that usually surprises the guests of these dinners is when the bodies start to hit the floor. It all begins with the salads. The first body shows up when the guests start to receive their salads. This is also when the detective shows up and starts to interrogate everyone that is in the room. This is where the excitement really begins. Most people get a little panicked if this is their first time attending one a murder mystery dinner. Worry not, this is actually when the true fun starts to happen.


Over the entire course of dinner, more and more murders begin to happen and the detective will ask all of the guests to start to interrogate each other. At this point in the dinner, anyone and everyone is a suspect. This is also where you and your group will start to collect and prepare clues that will bring you one step closer to finding out the true murderer. Once each group has decided that they think they know whodunit, that is when all of the answers will be collected and the murderer will be pointed out. This is also when prizes will be handed out to the winning team. These murder mystery events are a great way to meet new people and a great way to expand your horizons. 

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