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How To Kickstart Your Catering Company In Plano, TX

Plano, TX is a great town in which to start a business–especially a catering business! Given the large and dynamic population of this city, as well as the huge corporate presence here, Plano is a place where a caterer can make some serious money. What’s more, Plano residents love to try new things (creativity is really rewarded in this town), so if you have a unique, funky idea for a catering company, chances are it will really take off here. If you are thinking about getting into the catering business here in Plano, read further. This article will help you find success as a caterer here in Plano.


Weddings In Plano


Weddings can be big business for catering companies, especially in the spring and summer months. It can be hard to stand out, as couples have many caterers to choose from for their wedding receptions. One great way to get some good wedding business is taking out an ad in bridal magazines and on wedding websites. This will make many Plano couples aware of your business. Be prepared to offer samples to the bride and groom to be, so that they can get an idea of the sort of food you offer.


Corporate Parties In Plano


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Given that there are so many corporations located – and even headquartered – here, corporate parties in Plano are also a great source of income for catering companies. As with the wedding circuit, competition is stiff. Consider going around to different offices and offering samples of your food. This will allow you to make connections with employees and management, and it will allow them to discover how delicious your food is! The holiday season tends to be a popular time for corporate parties, so be sure to do some serious marketing around that time.


Church Functions In Plano


Plano being a very religious city; there are many churches and religious institutions here. When one of these religious institutions has a large gathering, there is usually food involved. Sometimes, churches will have what is known as a potluck, where each member will bring in a dish to be shared. Other times, though, the church will outsource the catering, to a company like yours. If you are able to cater to one church function, and deliver top-notch food and service, this can provide some good repeat business for your company.  Remember, great food-for-mouth equals great word-of-mouth!


Birthday Parties, Graduations, And Bar Mitzvahs


Most birthday parties are not catered affairs, but larger ones will often involve catered food, same with Bar Mitzvahs. The best way to get “invited” to cater one of these parties, is through advertising and word of mouth. Also keep in mind that the end of May and beginning of June is graduation season, and that can be huge business for local catering companies (this is a very lucrative time for caterers, as it is both graduation and wedding season!). Many schools allow sponsors to advertise in school papers, programs, and yearbooks. Take advantage of this, and advertise in as many Plano-area high school publications as you can. Not only will you increase your business, your advertising dollars will also support local schools!

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