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How To Make A Living As A Ft Worth Musician

Ft Worth might not have the music-town reputation of cities like Austin and Nashville, but there are still plenty of talented musicians here in Ft Worth who make a living playing music. If you want to make a living as a musician in this town (and most other towns) you have to really promote yourself. You also have to be willing to accept just about any paid gig you can find, especially at first. This is where it pays (literally) to get creative. If you are looking for ideas for gigs, read further. This article will highlight some great potential gigs here in Ft Worth. Earning a living as a musician can be difficult, and you are offered few guarantees, but the opportunity to inspire and entertain others through your music can be incredibly rewarding.


Playing Music On The Street


Playing your music “on the street” does not have to be a fallback, or “rock bottom” situation. Plenty of great musicians earn their chops (and sometimes a decent living) playing in public places. It is important to find a place with heavy foot traffic, where plenty of eager listeners will pass by. Yes, you will be relying solely on tips, but if you have talent and flair, the tips should pour in.


Playing Music At Corporate Parties


Ft Worth corporate parties offer another great opportunity for musicians to earn money. Many large corporate parties hire musical acts to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening. Musical acts could include DJs, as well as live bands and singer/songwriter types. Companies, especially large corporations, tend to pay good money for musical acts, so this can be a sweet deal if you can get it. Given the amount of companies that are located in Ft Worth and nearby Dallas, there plenty of corporate gigs waiting for you. Often companies put on big balls and dinners.  Playing a New Year’s Eve Gala of holiday party can be quite lucrative, as well.


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Playing In Ft Worth Restaurants And Bars


Ft Worth is a happening nightlife town, with plenty of live entertainment in the evenings (and sometimes during the day!). Many local bars and restaurants will book live entertainment. Booking one of these gigs can lead to repeat business, especially if you are hired on as a “house” musician! Compensation will either come from the management, tips, or a combination of both. A great way to book these gigs is to simply ask around. Check and see if any bars or restaurants are looking for talent. If a place has an open mic night, this can be a great way to showcase your skills and get your foot in the door.


Session Music In Ft Worth


Since the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex is such a populous and cosmopolitan area, there is plenty of work for session musicians. Such work might include providing backup for touring acts, playing large events, and even filling in on recording sessions. Given that that there are many advertising and media firms in this area, many local musicians make a living playing jingles for TV and radio commercials. This can be a great way to reach a wide audience in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

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