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How To Make Your Next Corporate Party An Event Employees Want To Attend

Corporate parties earn a bad reputation for being lame and mundane. Most employees will do anything they can to get out of Austin corporate parties. There are only so many times that the employees can get together and do the same exact thing they did at their last corporate party. Keeping things interesting is the best way to encourage employee interaction.

Consider hosting a party that gives the guests a reason to be there. Ideas such as doing a make-a-wish drawing for the employees, or throwing a destination party, or taking them to a show is a change from the normal routine. When employees feel like they are appreciated, this not only benefits the work atmosphere, but it also benefits the company.


Holding A Make-A-Wish Drawing


Holding a make-a-wish drawing will make your employees feel appreciated. The way to do it is quite simple. Allow a certain amount of money, like $500 or so, to make some of the employees’ wishes come true. Your employees do a lot for your business, showing them that you appreciate the time and the effort that they put in will make them want to continue doing their best.

The drawing could be used to get the employees a new coffee machine, or provide a lucky employee with an exotic trip. Employees will want to show up to an event, if they have the opportunity of getting something out of it. Happy employees are loyal employees.


Throwing A Destination Party


murder mystery home party


Destination parties are fun. To not ruin the surprise, keep the destination a secret, until all employees show up. Once they arrive, take them out of the office environment in a luxury car to the destination for the event. You can take them to an old warehouse and design it like a tropical beach, or if you live in a tropical climate, design a snowy mountain resort.


Take Them To A Show


If you are tight on funds, but still want to show your employees that you appreciate them, take them to a show. There are many different shows to choose from. Some clever ideas would be a comedy show, or a murder mystery dinner. A comic can bring some comedy into the office, and help the employees laugh over the work that they perform.

A murder mystery dinner will provide a perfect platform for employees to work together to solve a mystery. The employees will interact with the players, and become a part of the show. They will be shown clues to guide them through solving the crime, and at the end of the dinner, find out exactly who murdered who and for what reason.

If you are tired of your employees not showing up to your corporate parties, you should do something to spice up the event. Give the employees a reason to want to come to the event by allowing them to get something out of the experience. Hosting a make-a-wish drawing, taking employees to an make believe exotic destination, or taking them to see a show and have the chance to be involved in it, are great ideas for your next party.

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