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Ideas For Your Corporate Party Here In Houston

Houston is home to many corporations. In fact, this area is actually home to the second highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation, after New York City! Along with all of these corporations comes great corporate parties. Houston corporate parties truly run the gamut, from the laid-back to the lavish. Planning the right corporate party here in Houston can seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be! With the right preparation and connections, your corporate party can be the toast of the office for years to come! If you are looking to plan a corporate party here in Houston, read on. This article will provide some great ideas for your next office bash.


Sports Of All Sorts


As you know, the Houston area is a great area for sports fans. Between the Texans, the Astros, the Rockets, and the Houston Dynamos soccer team, Houston residents have the privilege of being able to watch professional sports year-round! You can take advantage of this for your next corporate party or event. Most stadiums will sell you discounted tickets if you are bringing a large enough group. You can sit in an entire section, or perhaps even rent a box or clubhouse. You can typically work food and drinks into the package as well, so that all entertainment is paid for. This can be a great way for your employees to relax and have fun.


Karaoke In Houston


There are many karaoke bars in the Houston area, and they can all mean big fun for your next corporate party. Be sure to book this in advance, as karaoke bars are very popular! This gives your employees a chance to let their inner crooner (or rock star, as the case may be) shine through. It also allows employees (and management) to see a side of each other that they have never seen before. That person who you thought was shy and quiet could turn out to have some serious pipes!


A Day At The Amusement Parks


There are several amusement parks in the Houston area, and they all welcome corporations. As with sports events, many amusement parks offer discounted rates for group ticket purchases. If your company is really big, you might even be able to rent out the park, so that your employees can have it all to themselves! The best part of this deal is that your employees will finally get the chance to ride their favorite rides without waiting in line!


Parties At The Office


You can actually have an exciting and enjoyable party at your own office! Consider bringing in a caterer for your food needs and a musician or band to take care of your music.  The rest should take care of itself. This is only recommended if you have a space large enough to accommodate your party needs. If your property has a large outdoor space, consider holding your party outdoors. The weather in Houston is nice enough that you should be able to have an outdoor party any month of the year!


Did Someone Say “Murder”?


Houston corporate parties


You can also hire a company to provide corporate team builders, like a murder mystery! Fully customizable to fit your company’s needs, you can have it at the office, or one of their venues.  You can have the plot incorporate your execs and staff, have it encompass lunch or dinner, and have groups divided up to look for clues however you want.  You set the itinerary, the possibilities are endless!

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