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Is There A “Killer” Hiding In Wait At Your Next Office Party

The average corporate office party is a fun event; however, it is often one that can turn out to be a little predictable. Free food, drinks, and a chance to mingle with co-workers is definitely enjoyable, but can be interchangeable with any other office party you’ve probably heard of from friends and family. While there is nothing wrong with the tried and true office party formula, maybe your office can shake things up with a new way to host a dinner, a corporate murder mystery dinner. It’s a wholly different way to approach how to have an office gathering.


Three Fun Facts About An Office Murder Party


  1. It’s a great way to involve everyone at the dinner party. Everyone knows the shy people in the office who don’t talk or interact with others as much as other employees, as well as knowing the more outgoing members who can dominate conversations or even a room without even meaning too. A murder mystery party can be the answer to bridging this gap. The professional actors who help run the party are trained to make sure everyone has fun and feels involved as the events of the night unfold.


  1. Each guest is also given questions and icebreakers to help ease everyone into mingling and talking with one another, an encouragement hidden by the need to look for “suspects” before the murder takes place later in the night. Guests are also encouraged to have fun with this phase of the party. Placing fake names on their name tags, telling fun and playful lies to throw off other guests’ investigations, and generally just having fun talking to as many other people as possible.


  1. Not only will your fellow co-workers be in attendance, but also professional actors will be mixed in as guests and waiters all looking to not only add to the experience but throw off the investigation being conducted by guests. No one can be trusted at this dinner party! Actors will also be playing the roles of a police detective and the suspects who add their own flavor to the experience, while also helping guests stay on track looking for clues to narrow down suspects and find the murderer.


A Satisfying Ending To A Fun And Mystery Filled Night


murder mystery corporate parties


At the end of the night, everyone submits an answer sheet on what they think transpired over the course of the dinner, and who the actual murder is among the suspects. Prizes are awarded out to those that are closest to the right answer, and some prizes are even given out for those who come up with the funniest or most entertaining answers. Whether you win a prize or not, everyone will leave with a memorable evening and story to tell their friends. Through the hard work of the all the actors, the actual wait staff serving delicious food, the fun icebreakers to try and include introverted and extroverted alike, everyone is sure to have a “killer” time at this office dinner party.




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