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Kids Love Halloween, & So Does Murder Mystery Texas

Experience The Kids Halloween Luncheon In Austin


Murder Mystery Texas offers excellent dinners, shows, and special events all throughout the entire year. Many holidays and other well recognized dates bring special occasions to life here Murder Mystery Texas. We specialize in entertainment in many areas as well as offering fun and exciting activities for people of all ages to attend and enjoy. Don’t miss out on the kids Halloween luncheon celebration that is taking place on Saturday October 31st at 12 pm and will go on until 3 pm. It will take place at Maggiano’s in Austin Texas and kids ages 8 to 15 are invited to come enjoy great food, mystery, clues, games, and much more. All kids are to be accompanied by a parent and accommodations for parents have also been made to help everyone feel welcome and excited for a day of mystery and excitement. This is going to be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the spirit and fun activities that Murder Mystery Texas offers for Halloween. Friendly interaction and games between kids and the Murder Mystery staff is to be expected. Call ahead and schedule a reservation to lock in your chance to see what makes a celebration at Murder Mystery so unique and special.



The Next Exciting Dinner Taking Place In Austin


When it comes to dinner and a show in Texas, no one does it better than we do here at Murder Mystery Texas. When attending a dinner and show with us, you will experience thrills like never before. You can expect an entire night of clues, mystery, and excitement around every corner. We also have a tremendous amount of exceptional options as far as drinks, appetizers, dinners, and desserts. The food is always fresh and your entire meal will be cooked and prepared to the exact level of your desire and approval. Throughout the night, guests should plan on solving fun mysteries and some fun interaction with actors and staff here at Murder Mystery Texas. Don’t miss out on the next big dinner and mystery that will take place on Saturday October 31st at 7 pm at Maggiano’s in Austin Texas. You can call and make a reservation any time with our team and get set up for a night of unforgettable food, fun, and enjoyment.



The Next Exciting Dinner And Show Offered In Dallas


You can also find excellent shows and dinners offered in Dallas Texas frequently. Dinners are always exciting with a different theme and meal of choice of the night. You can call ahead and schedule your trip to Murder Mystery Texas to attend the next upcoming dinner in Dallas. This amazing dinner and show will be held on Saturday October 31st at 7:30 pm at the old Mill in Dallas. Friendly interaction between guests and Murder Mystery staff is to be expected. Don’t miss out on an excellent chance to experience a truly unique and special dinner and show like no other. For any questions or special requests you can call or visit our website for more information.  


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