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Local Talent Showcased In San Antonio

See The Best Actors In Town


San Antonio has a rich cultural heritage of music, but there is also a strong acting community in the city that provides a theater experience unlike any other. All over town there are places that showcase the local talent and can reveal all that San Antonio has to offer the acting world, ranging from children’s theater to events more suited to an adult audience. These venues make for excellent date adventures and can be quite entertaining.


Magik Children’s Theater


Bringing children’s literature to life is never an easy task, but the actors at the Magik Children’s Theater are some of the best in the business. The theater company takes on classic children’s stories, as well as some modern tales, in a way that is active and engaging for kids as well as their parents. At the Magik Children’s Theater parents do not have to worry about being bored throughout the show, as they will have as much fun as their kids.


Murder Mystery Texas

Crowne Plaza Murder Mystery

The interactive murder mysteries put on by Murder Mystery Texas combine the best elements of dinner theater with full audience participation. Guests become a part of the story and interact with each other and the cast of the show to create an immersive experience that is fun for everyone involved. Because the guests are different at every show, each performance takes on a different flavor and gives a brand new show each time. At the murder mystery guests also have the opportunity to enjoy fine food, making this a full night’s worth of entertainment in San Antonio.


Ripley’s Haunted Adventure


Not every good actor has to be following a script or performing in a play; some of the best actors are those who simply embody a character. The Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is the premier showcase for that style of acting. The haunted adventure combines the use of special effects and live actors to create an immersive experience that guests will not soon forget. Not only is the acting amazing, but the makeup artists and special effects staff really round out the experience to make it vastly different from other similar attractions. This is a great choice for date night, or for a fun family adventure.


Community theater and local acting talent are on display all over San Antonio. The next time you and your family go out for a night on the town, support the local acting community and attend one of these attractions.

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