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Make Your Date An Adventure

Fun Things To Do In Dallas


Dinner and a movie has been a dating staple for a long time, and while that might be ok for a first date with someone you barely know, subsequent dates will require more thought and planning. A good date should be an adventure that you and your partner both enjoy, giving you the chance to talk and creating memories that you can call back on later. The Dallas area is full of interesting places to go and fun things to do that will make your date into something special and make you stand out.


Six Flags


When the weather is nice and you have a day to spend with your date, Six Flags is one of the best places to visit in the area. You have the chance to let go and channel your inner child as you enjoy the rides and other attractions, but more importantly, the lines give you some down time to spend getting to know your date. There is so much to do at the park and so many interesting people to watch, that no matter what activities you and your date like, there is something that will amuse you.


Murder Mystery


valentinesSlider2One of the most fun date ideas in Dallas is a night of murder mystery. For more than two decades Murder Mystery Texas has been combing dinner theater with an interactive murder mystery to create a fun atmosphere for couples. During the night you are treated to a great dinner, all while you try to piece together the clues and find out who committed murder. As far as first dates go, this is the type of thing that your date probably has not done before, and it makes for a date experience that will be new and unique.


Speed Zone


For the thrill seeker, Speed Zone is the best choice in Dallas. Offering several different types of racing, including go-karts and drag racing, Speed Zone is an action packed experience for people of all ages. Passes can be purchased for hours of unlimited racing, while the site also provides opportunities for mini golf and video game play. Casual dining choices make the experience complete and makes Speed Zone a good place to start and end your ideal date.


Finding something fun to do in Dallas is not all that difficult, especially if you are willing to put in the effort to look. Think about who your date is, what they might want to do, and go from there to build an experience unlike anything they have had before.

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