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More Mystery And Intrigue Added To The Dallas Theater Line-Up

Murder Mystery dinner theater is one of the best events that you can find in the Dallas, Texas area. Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas is a company that has been holding these dinners, private parties, and weekend events for going on thirty years. Fans of these events will be happy to find out that there are even more ways to enjoy these events.


The Old Mill Inn Gains Popularity


Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas is very well-known for all of the events that they hold, but their Dallas murder mystery dinners have grown in popularity so much that they are now adding extra events so that more guests can enjoy the drama and suspense. At The Old Mill Inn in Dallas, guests of the event will get to experience a truly whodunit-style dinner. Many visitors to The Old Mill Inn even claim that it is haunted. This makes for an excellent venue to host murder mystery dinners.


The Old Mill Inn is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas and all who visit are always overwhelmed by its beauty and classic look. Visitors agree that it is one of the best places to hold these events. Once inside for the Murder Mystery Dinner, guests will be able to mix and mingle. They will check in with the host of the event. This could be a staff member at The Old Mill Inn or it could be a member of Keith and Margo’s staff. Guests never know who is acting and who is not until the end of the event. Once the salads are served, the first body will be spotted and the guests are now part of a murder mystery dinner.


Finding The Killer At Dinner


After the guests begin to dine on their main course, more and more bodies will start falling and the crowd will grow very tense. A detective will be around the room to gather clues of their own while he will encourage all of the guests to begin to search for their own clues so that they can assist him in solving the case. Everyone in the room will be part of the action. Guests will be able to wonder around The Old Mill Inn in order to search for clues to help them to solve the mystery. Once they have found clues and think that they have found the killer, they can give the detective their ideas. The group who correctly solves the murder will end up with some great prizes.


These murder mystery events encourage audience participation, and there is a lot of suspense. Murder Mystery Texas cautions that there may be language and acting that is not appropriate for young children. Once you attend one of these events, you will soon see why everyone is bragging about how much fun they are. Murder Mystery Texas and the Old Mill Inn are proving to be a killer combo.

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