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Murder Mysteries In Your Living Room

Murder mystery dinner theater is a classic form of entertainment. The interactive aspects of murder mysteries, which require you to think and interact with others in attendance, set them apart from a more passive experience like a movie, concert or regular trip to the theater for a play or musical. A murder mystery dinner theater experience is more like a combination of these forms of entertainment—there is still a story unfolding before you that you’re interested in following—with an experience like a board game. Not only does the entertainment allow you to relax and have a potentially rewarding personal experience, there is also a communal aspect to the proceedings. Murder mysteries allow you to experience not only the entertainment, but also the experiences of those around you. They may allow you to appreciate the quick-thinking and wit of a friend or family member. They may allow you to work together with others toward a common goal. They may reveal aspects of a friend or family member’s personality that you didn’t know were there. These are many of the reasons people appreciate board games, but they are not usually associated with live murder mystery entertainment.  Some providers of murder mystery entertainment are offering a murder mystery DVD. Let’s take a look at some of the ways these murder mystery DVDs might work.


Dinner Parties

murder mystery Texas DVD

Murder mysteries are often accompanied by dinner, and there is no reason murder mystery dvds couldn’t be as well. In fact, they lend themselves perfectly to a home dinner party. Many people enjoy hosting dinner parties and are always looking for ways to make theirs stand out as a memorable, entertaining experience. Some of these people are choosing to incorporate a murder mystery game into the evening’s proceedings. With their home taking the place of the theater and a DVD player and a TV taking the place of actors, folks are able to create the murder mystery experience from their living room. The nice thing about this option is that, obviously, you are able to utilize the pause feature of the DVD player, a luxury that you don’t have with real actors. This allows you to play the game at your own pace. Just like at a real murder mystery event, the interactive game creates a detective, who-done-it storyline where the goal is to identify the murderer. With a home DVD murder mystery game, though, the murderer is a character played by one of the party-goers!


Families And Murder Mystery Fans

Beyond dinner parties, there are a variety of other people who might enjoy the interactive features and flexibility offered by this form of entertainment. Families are able to work around different schedules (and attention spans) by spreading a mystery out over several nights. Fans of board games and murder mysteries in general will enjoy playing the game over and over in the comfort of their home to learn all of the game’s intricacies. Cross-examining suspects is a part of most murder mystery home games and takes on a fun, new twist when the suspect is a friend or family member. As murder mysteries increase in popularity, these murder mystery party games are sure to become more popular as well.

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