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Murder Mystery Dinners: Great For Corporate Team Building

Are you a successful corporate professional who is searching for dynamic team building exercises for your employees? If the answer to this question is yes, then skip the Chinese food takeout orders or karaoke night. Instead consider using the Texas-based company which plans elaborate murder mystery dinners that are geared towards employees and make great team builders. These experiences include a four-course plated dinner and a cash bar. Murder mystery dinners allow employees to practice the same techniques they utilize in the boardroom in a completely different setting. Some of these strategies include collaboration and problem solving. These events are anything but a boring company dinner party.


Solving The Mystery

So you’re interested in planning a murder mystery dinner as your next corporate event? Great ,but you probably have some questions right? For example, you probably want to know where these events take place. The murder mystery dinners take place at a variety of elegant locations throughout the San Antonio, Texas area including The Hilton and Maggiano’s Little Italy. They can also be brought to a venue of your choosing, as they will customize these corporate parties to fit your specific needs. Are these events black tie? No, the dress code is upscale casual. How much does an event like this cost? The company offers affordable rates starting at $54. You should feel free to visit their website for more specific details regarding pricing as well as the variety of events that are available for a corporate professional like yourself to choose from.


What Happens At An Event Like This?


Murder mystery dinner


Murder mystery dinner typically begin with an introductory reception during which you receive a welcome letter. The mystery begins to take shape during the first course. The heat is on during the main course and dessert when the investigation begins. Afterward, you will have a chance to guess who committed the crime, and the answers are revealed. And prizes are given to the dinner guests who give both the funniest and the most accurate versions of events.


Benefits Of Murder Mystery Dinners For Your Business

As a corporate professional, you’re probably wondering how an event like a murder mystery dinner can benefit your business. The answer is quite simple. An event like this gets your employees out of the office, and gives them the opportunity to dress up and have a nice dinner. And who doesn’t enjoy that every once in a while? In short, an event such as this will make your employees happier. If your employees are happy, they will be more productive. And more productive employees will translate to higher profits for your company. So if you think about it that way, murder mystery dinners or events like them are actually good for your business. The impact of these types of events on your business will be a positive one. Don’t be afraid to consider adding the elements of mayhem, mystery and murder to your next corporate dinner party! Your employees and investors are sure to enjoy themselves. Instead of dreading the next company dinner party, they might even look forward to it! The only question on their minds will be “Whodunnit?”

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