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Murder Mystery Dinners

Dallas/Fort Worth  •  Houston  •  Austin  •  San Antonio

Okay, people. We got arrests to make. Let’s get cracking.

Sometimes, homicides can occur at a public restaurant. Dig out your magnifying glass, sharpen up your sleuthing skills, and join our squad for a hilariously twisted evening at a deliciously diabolical Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Dinner — an intoxicating combination of dining and intrigue with unexpected twists and turns.

Nothing like a little murder between courses to break the ice, you know what I mean? Make your selection of which 3-hour Homicide Case you can help me out on — if you have the guts, that is.

Murder in Devil's Back Porch at Saint Rocco's

West Dallas (Trinity Groves), TX

Selected Saturdays

What happens when one combines “the Rolls Royce of mystery troupes” with a 1930’s Bonnie & Clyde-Themed Speakeasy? Keith & Margo’s Devil’s Back Porch, located on the 2nd Floor of Saint Rocco’s New York Italian in Trinity Groves.

While you enjoy this hidden oasis of fine dining — you’ve been framed for murder! Can you find the real killer by dessert?

Murder in Sundance Square

Ft. Worth, TX

Selected Saturdays

Fort Worth is the height of cowboy culture. It only seems right that the most authentically Texan city in the state now is the location of the most interactive 360° live-action Immersion Theatre in the state: Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas.

We dare you to match wits with our modern-day Homicide Detective from the FWPD in solving a killing in Cowtown!

Our Mystery Dinner Locations


Austin Murder Mystery

Austin Mystery Dinner

Maggiano’s Austin

May 23rd Tickets

Bay City Mystery Dinner

Schulman’s MBG

Sep 21st Tickets
Corsicana Murder Mystery

CORSICANA Mystery Dinner

Schulman’s MBG

Jun 1st Tickets
Dallas Murder Mystery

Dallas Mystery Dinner

Maggiano’s Northpark

May 19th Tickets
Dallas Murder Mystery

Dallas Mystery Dinner

Saint Rocco’s

Monthly Tickets
Ft. Worth Murder Mystery

Ft. Worth Mystery Dinner

The Aloft Hotel

Bi-Monthly Tickets
Murder Mystery Houston

Houston Mystery Dinner

Maggiano’s Post Oak

Jul 19th Tickets
McKinney Murder Mystery

McKinney Mystery Dinner


May 26th Tickets
Plano Murder Mystery

Plano Mystery Dinner

Maggiano’s Willow Bend

May 24th Tickets
Richardson Murder Mystery

Richardson Mystery Dinner


May 17th Tickets
San Antonio Murder Mystery

San Antonio Mystery Dinner

Maggiano’s San Antonio

June 19th Tickets
Sherman Murder Mystery

Sherman Mystery Dinner

Schulman’s MBG

Aug 10th Tickets

New Dinners and Locations are posted throughout the year.
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The Dinner Experience

Keith & Margo’s have been killing folks over dinner for decades. It won’t be the food that kills. It could be the incognito actress sitting next to you.

A Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Dinner is like a play where every seat is front row center. The plot meticulously unravels throughout the evening with a generous dose of humor, a lot of action and a series of clues and leads which take some real unsuspected turns.

Be sure to let the shady waiters know that you’re allergic to arsenic.

Dinner Itinerary

Maybe you’re new to all this and wanna know what’s gonna go down before you dive right in. Smart thinking.

Arrive at the restaurant and meet your Murder Mystery Host and check in.

You receive a name tag, but you can either use your real name or one your many aliases (if you are hiding from the law)!

Remember, after check-in, you do not have to tell the truth about anything from then on!

You receive a Welcome Letter with instructions as well as a series of random, humorous ice-breaker questions, to use when interrogating other guests. These questions are designed to set a light-hearted mood. The idea is to talk to as many people as possible before someone croaks — your chance to deceive everyone and throw suspicion onto others!

Waiters take drink orders. (Are they all really waiters? Hmmmm…) Guests begin to file into the dining room to sit at teams populated with suspicious guests and possible imposters!

First course is served and the first body hits the floor!

A Homicide Detective takes control of the room for the rest of the evening. Be prepared to be comically interrogated because everyone (including you) are a person of interest!

A delicious dinner follows, any number of more murders occur, clues (obituaries, coded messages, riddles, diaries, photos, etc.) pile up.

Listen to the Detective and watch each other like hawks!

At your table, you all are asked to come to a consensus and fill in a team answer form (determining means, motive and opportunity for each murder).

Team answers are collected, the crimes are solved, and the culprits are arrested to great applause!

Team prizes are awarded to the table with the most accurate answer and also for the most hilarious answers!

You got out alive… this time!

What a terrific evening! Our table won the funniest answer prize, and my name made it on a lot of other groups’ answers. Afterwards, people came up to me and told me they thought I was the killer. It was a lot of fun! There will be a new one this fall. Can’t wait to see if I am a suspect in that one as well. #notthekiller #ladyinred

Lorre S via Facebook

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What Others Have To Say

We had an absolute blast! The food was great & the mystery had us guessing the whole time.

I loved it! Intriguing and fun! Hilarious, fun, joyful, comedic.

Well done. Detective and music effects were fun. Characters were interesting, fun and lively. Format of the evening – encouraging people to mingle. Food was good.

We wanted to do something different for our anniversary and this was perfect. We had so much fun. They keep you entertained, laughing, interacting and guessing the whole time. I highly recommend.

Valerie Story
Rating: 5

I was the killer! I would love to do this again. If you have never been please go and attend. It’s an amazing experience!

LeJone Ehran Hill
Rating: 5

Ingenious scripts and motives for murder! We are amazed at the talented actors and actresses, or should I say “Con Men” and “Con Women” that are so good at interacting with people and misleading them.

Mark and Candace B.
Rating: 5

They helped me make my marriage proposal very special as they worked it right into the show. My fiancee was surprised and excited! Thanks, guys!

Bill O.
Rating: 5

My date had tried one of your competitors and she told me that your show was far better on every level.

Max L.
Rating: 5

A must see if you’ve never been or even if you’ve “seen em all”.

Matt K.
Rating: 5

It was one of the most memorable moments of our honeymoon!

Bethany H.
Rating: 5

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