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Murder Mystery New Year’s Eve Events

Its almost the end of year and New Year is approaching soon. Looking for a perfect way to spice up your New Year Eve? For those who are looking to have a New Year blast at any of the Texas cities, Keith and Marco’s Murder Mystery Texas (MMT) offers excellent Killer Party with gourmet services and 5 course dinner along with plenty of fun with mysterious games and prizes. MMT’s dress code policy is very flexible and all guests are allowed to wear their favorite semi-formal dress.


Here’s what we have in store

The guests are welcomed with a grand pomp to the hotel and receive the instructions as mentioned in the Welcome Letter. The guests must sign in in before they enter the ball room and are divided into 10 teams. Each team can have their own fun in solving the murder mystery case. While the DJ plays songs as per the requests from the guests, all the hosts and guests can joyfully dance to the tunes played.

Off course the guests might feel a bit hungry after dancing. They are greeted with salads and starters. Later, each team is assigned a murder mystery puzzle to solve. Interrogations and answering follow the dancing. The interrogation session involves asking questions to figure out clues and tracks to find who the murderer is. The teams are allowed to discuss the questions which each other, interrogate with others and try to figure out clues and answers to the murder mystery.The answering session involves concluding the answers for the interrogation questions.

5Meanwhile the guests are served with dinner and desserts while the dance floor still invites people to continue dancing. Prizes follow the solutions to all the crime investigation. Once the guest teams figure out clues, solutions, information, evidence or anything related to the murder case they are investigating, then they would definitely get rated against each other. Whoever gets the highest rating with most information and solution figured out, that team would be the winner.

New Year is the time when everyone waits for partying all night. This event is mostly assigned by many celebrities and are enjoyed by the hosts and the guests. The New Year is welcomed with Shampagne, balloon drop and lots of kissing. The New Year mornings are welcomed with a wonderful breakfast.

Isn’t that all fun to enjoy the New Year Eve party at the MMT? Come and have fun at Murder Mystery Texas!

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