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Murder Mystery Theater in Texas Tours the World

Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery USA was created by Keith O’Leary and Margot Morrison. The two of them have won many awards for their writing, production, and directing. They also have a large background in movies, theater, and television. The executive producers of the theater company affiliate, Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas, currently are Robert and Debbie Banks. The company is located in Arlington, Texas.


Keith and Margo have written some outstanding murder mysteries and their events have been hosted by quite a few celebrities. The likes of Mary Higgins Clark, Scientist Dr. Henry Lee, Richard Roundtree, and Peter Faulk have hosted their events.


Rave Reviews and Magazine Features


Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery USA dinners have received rave reviews from practically each and every person who has attended one of these events. It was once featured on Entertainment Tonight and Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous. Their murder mystery dinners have received amazing ratings from newspapers such as the Fort Worth Star and the L.A. Times. Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery USA never fails to entertain. It is now performed all over the world. Clients of these Murder Mystery dinners are located literally everywhere. In places such as Alaska, Boston, Miami, Paris, Hamburg, and Montreal just to name a few.


The way that the Murder Mystery dinner works is that you will arrive and meet up with your host or hostess. Name tags are given out to everyone who is at the dinner and generally people make up an alias to stay with the theme of mystery. You will also receive a letter that has instructions for you. There are some ice breaker questions included in the letter, encouraging everyone in the group to start talking and having a good time. During all of the socializing, the waiters take everyone’s orders and other guests begin to sit with you. Some of them may act very suspicious. Others may be nonchalant and aloof. You never know if they have a role to play in the evenings proceedings, or if they are just enjoying being an amateur sleuth the same as you are.


As courses are beginning to be served, people start dying! A detective shows up after the first person dies and they start to question everyone that is in the dining room. The plot twists and turns, and clues begin to show themselves in the room. Once the detective has shared the clues and ideas brought forth, an answer form is given to each guest that is still alive and you choose your best answer for whodunit. The winner gets a great prize after dinner. These dinners are non-stop fun and you will enjoy yourself from start to finish.


Murder Mystery for Hire


Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas is always looking for talented actors and actresses to take part in any of their numerous whodunit dinners. There are quite a few roles that always could use a leading actor or actress, such as femme fatales, leading men, gangsters, and their victims. If you land one of these roles, you could quite possibly have the best job in Texas!


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