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Murder Mystery Weekends Are Real-Life Sleuthing Events

Are you an amateur sleuth, someone who enjoys a compelling mystery from time to time? If so you should explore the Texas-based company that offers murder mystery weekend experiences. They are great for corporate retreats, as well.


A Real Life Board Game

Did you ever play those Whodunit board games? The games allow players move from room to room throughout an imaginary mansion in order to solve a mystery. There are three questions a player must answer to win the game: Who did it? With what? And where? These murder mystery weekends are very similar to the classic board game. Only this game includes overnight hotel accommodations, meals, and cash bar.


The Devil Is in The Details


murder mystery weekend


What does an event like this entail? There are sample itineraries as well as pricing and location details featured on the company’s website. But an event typically consists of the following: Friday: Check-in followed by appetizers and dinner with a cash bar. Here participants are given the opportunity to meet other guests. It’s also the point in the evening where the imaginary crime is committed. And everyone is a suspect! During breakfast and lunch on Saturday new evidence is discovered, and a second crime may even be committed. At the Saturday reception, the list of suspects in shortened. Saturday evening guests have the chance to make predictions about how the mystery took place. And the mystery is solved during Sunday brunch. Prizes are awarded to the guests with most realistic and hilarious accounts of events.


Murder Most Productive

A murder mystery weekend is a unique way for employees to practice collaboration and problem solving strategies in a relaxing setting with good food and friendly conversation with co-workers. You will be amazed at how much a little break from the office or the boardroom can improve your employees’ productivity. And it will make them happier too! And happier employees are more productive so these experiences will have a positive impact on your profit margin. With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you plan one of these events? It’s a win, win business strategy.

So instead of the same old wine tasting or a golf outing for your next corporate retreat consider a murder mystery weekend. Employees will have a chance to rest and recharge and develop their professional skills at the same time. Both you and your employees will look forward to your next business trip if it includes a mystery to solve, deluxe accommodations, and prizes to be won. These weekends are sure to create a lot of discussion around the office for a long time to come! You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t plan one of these events sooner. And there’s only one question your employees will be asking: Who committed the crime? Was it the lovely Miss with the revolver in the library? Or maybe it was the Colonel in the study with the candlestick? There’s only one way to find out. Book a murder mystery weekend as your next corporate event today!

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