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Mystery And Intrigue Are Right Around The Corner

Murder Mystery Theater has gotten many new fans lately. There has been a huge boost in the interest and the fans are truly loving every second of these shows. One of the most popular spots for Murder Mystery Theater is Fort Worth, Texas. There are quite a few places where fans of these dinners can watch a show and have an amazing dinner.


Murder Mystery Texas in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Murder Mystery dinners have become quite a hit with new and old fans alike. There are now two locations in the Fort Worth area that host these Murder Mystery Dinners. Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas is a very popular company that holds these events. They are located all over Texas and even have events all over the country. As popularity of these events are growing, they decided to hold more events all over the state of Texas. In Fort Worth, fans can see a show at the Hilton or at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, Texas.

Ft Worth murder mystery dinners








Arrive and Settle In

At these dinners, fans will get a real thrill. These dinners begin with the guests all checking in with the hosts of the dinner. This could be a boss, a friend, or just the staff of Murder Mystery Texas. This host will walk the guests over to their table and give them specific instructions to follow while they wait for everyone else to arrive and get comfortable. There will be some cocktails and some ice breakers as the guests settle in and get to know each other.


The Excitement Lasts All Night

When the dinner truly gets started, guests will be in for quite a treat. They will receive their food and as they begin to dine, someone will die right before their very eyes. The victims of these dinners are all actors, so not to worry. You will have the chance to solve the mystery of their deaths, though. The fun and excitement of these dinners will last all night and you will get a chance to test your skills and knowledge of solving crimes. There will be a detective that comes into the dinner to help you to gather clues. This dinner will be very interactive, and you can participate as much or as little as you like.


Hazard a Guess

Once the detective has addressed the room, everyone will get an idea of who the suspects are. Together, with the guests at your own table, you will gather clues and ideas of who has committed the murders. You may not know it, but it could be someone at your own table. The actors will be hidden very well in order to make sure everyone is on the edge of their seats at all times during the dinner. Once the tables have all suggested to the detective who committed the murders, you will find out the final answer. The team with the right answers will win a great prize. Even if your team does not win, the atmosphere and ambiance lends itself to a great night of food and fun, with a little murder thrown in for good measure.

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