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Plan A Business Party With An Exciting Twist To It

If youre planning private corporate parties, then you have to consider the many different things that go into them. You want something that is going to hold the attention of everyone that is a part of the party, and you also want to ensure that you give them something worth coming too. The employees and other business partners are not going to want to come to a party where everyone mingles and there is nothing to do. Spice it up with a themed night or some of these other great ideas.


Murder Mystery Dinners


This is one of the best choices that you can go with. Not only does everyone get to participate, but dinner, drinks and delicious appetizers can be enjoyed during the entire process. Theyre easy to stage and everyone will want to be a part of the fun and excitement that unfolds while trying to figure out who the murderer in the room is. Hiring a professional company to execute these dinners is a good idea, as they already have scripts, actors, and venues available to put on a night your company won’t soon forget. Working with the event coordinator allows you to customize the dinner however you want, from food and venue choices, to having the boss be the one murdered, or be the murderer!


Themed Night

Everyone loves dressing up as someone else, which means that when you set a theme for the employees to be a part of; theyre going to want to come out in their best costume to show it off. You can go with everything from a time period to characters from a show or movie. Choose to go with a theme that almost everyone likes, or one that will be fun for everyone to dress up with, such as the 70s or 80s. The more creative they are with their costumes, the more fun it is going to be for one and all. Of course, prizes should be given for Best and Worst dressed, along with Most Original.
murder mystery corporate parties


Game Night


Games can hold the attention of many people. When you put a bunch of people together in one room and provide them with the games, they can take the time to sit down and have a little fun. Providing snacks, drinks and even a meal might also be beneficial. Choose games that everyone is going to love and make it so they can switch as they go along, allowing them to change games and partners.


Destination Themed


If everyone wants to go on a vacation, why not give them one? Create a Hawaiin atmosphere that welcomes them from the moment they walk in the front door. You can set it up like a luau and everyone can sip drinks, put on their shorts and have a vacation without having to board a plane.


There are so many ways to throw a fun and successful private corporate party. Ask around or create a poll to find out who likes what idea and collect opinions. Many ideas can be combined for top notch entertainment, like an Italian themed murder mystery party, or an 80’s game show night.

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