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Post-Halloween Entertainment Options

With the changing of the leaves and lowering of the temperature, the season doesn’t just change from summer to fall. No, fall also signals the beginning of another season, the holiday season. Just when you sit down to rest after a long summer of yard work, try relaxing  by the pool or enjoying other outdoor activities, the holiday season is upon you. Fall only lasts for a few months before the first hurdle of the holiday season approaches that you have to jump over: Halloween. Of course, less than a month after Halloween comes Thanksgiving, with Christmas following shortly after that. The Christmas season nowadays, with the traditional shopping holiday of Black Friday and the newer online shopping holiday of Cyber Monday, begins right after Thanksgiving. But the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving is less filled with built-in holidays and activities. Yet, this period between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a perfect time for celebration and for building a momentum of fun and entertainment that will carry you into the rest of the season, all the way through New Year’s. Here are a few activities that are perfectly suited for this late fall holiday transitional period.


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Apple Orchards


Fall is apple-picking season for large swaths of the country. Visiting an apple orchard with friends or family is a great option for those who are seeking one last hurrah in the outside weather before being confined to the indoors for the winter. Often, the weather is already turning a bit chilly by the time a visit to the apple orchard is in order, which just means you’ll want to be sure and pick up a jug of apple cider while you’re out to warm up and drink once you get back home in front of the fireplace. Stocking up for winter is also not a bad idea. It is hard to believe that a single person like Johnny Appleseed, who was not just a legend but a real person, contributed so much to our daily lives and cultural traditions by spreading the apple tree all over the Midwest. A little known fact about the variety of his apple trees though is that their apples were primarily used for fermentation and making hard apple cider. So if you visit an apple orchard this fall, raise a glass to Johnny Appleseed and his contribution to a great autumn institution.


Sporting Events


Fall is the favorite time of year and season for many sports fans because it is the time when the seasons of so many major American sports converge. There is about a week, post-Halloween, when professional baseball, football, basketball and hockey are all playing at the same time. Depending on the weather, this gives sports fans plenty of opportunity to attend a game or have friends over to watch at home.


Murder Mystery Dinners


Murder mystery dinners, which mix in an element of crime-solving as the entertainment accompaniment to a delicious meal, are of course easily associated thematically with Halloween. But there is really no time of year in which they do not fit. Since most holiday traditions involve eating and entertainment in some form, a murder mystery dinner might be a good way to start your own unique tradition with friends or family in the post-Halloween window of the holiday season.



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