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Private Murder Mystery Events

Corporate Events  •  Parties  •  Team Building

Killers are sometimes found posing as executives at corporate gatherings.

Keith & Margo’s corporate who-dun-its are customized to humorously incorporate various executives and employees attending and frame them as suspects! When you work with Murder Mystery Texas, you will get a one of a kind event tailored just for you and your needs. I may even arrest YOUR Boss as the killer!

The Private Event Experience

If you’re gonna volunteer to help solve one of these puppies, first you better know what the nature of the beast is. Right?

Keith & Margo’s private corporate murder mystery events are perfect for team-building, with team members banding together to analyze found evidence and solve a triple-homicide case in a 3-hour time frame, under the guidance of one of Murder Mystery Texas’ hilarious Detectives. They are also highly entertaining, adventurous, and educational, allowing your staff to experience the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and communication.

The entire experience will be customized to suit your particular group! Alternatively, you can book your group at one of our public murder mystery dinner events in Texas.

Corporate Event Promo

Private Mystery Event Itinerary

Maybe you’re new to all this and wanna know what’s gonna go down before you dive right in. Smart thinking.

Co-workers are greeted by their Murder Mystery Host, are given Welcome Letters, and mingle.

Near the end of the Reception, the first murder takes place. A local Homicide Detective starts an investigation

The action continues throughout the meal with the Detective continually working the room, interrogating and roasting many of your staff as possible suspects (all done with a lot of humor).

Various hidden pieces of evidence are found by the group, some comically implicating the participants themselves.

Persons of interest (professional actors) are narrowed down and questioned by the team members.

Towards the end of the dining experience, another surprise murder is staged and, again, our Detective will jump into action.

More hidden clues (obituaries, coded messages, riddles, diaries, photos, etc.) are discovered by the participants and the investigation and humorous interrogations continue. About this time everyone thinks they know who the murderer is. That’s when we bump that person off.

Final clues are submitted into evidence. Your staff is then told they have 10-20 minutes to come up with a solution.

This is done as team answers and tables are designated as competing teams (e.g. The Columbo Team, The Law & Order Team, The CSI Team, etc.)

After the Mystery Host has collected all the team answers, the Detective returns. The final suspense-filled scene is played out between the Detective and the remaining actors. The Detective, logically and categorically, solves the crimes, and makes his arrests. In some cases, a real executive might even be exposed as one of the murderers and led off in an orange jumpsuit and shackles! The actors all exit to wild applause.

Team prizes are awarded, actors are introduced. The Host then reads the winning solutions starting with the funniest team answer and ending with the most accurate team answer. (Please Note: Itineraries and lengths of private events vary and are subject to change)


Typical event will last 3 hours, including a mingling reception, and a meal. Depending on several factors:

  • number of guests
  • season of the year
  • day of the week
  • time of the day
  • whether it’s a holiday
  • travel expenses
  • number of actors needed

Prices range from $1,995.00 – $2,495.00. All quotes are calculated individually

What's Included

  • Production supervision by Murder Mystery Texas producers Robert and Debbie Banks
  • Scripting designed especially for your group and event. 6 of your staff will be surprised (as in a practical joke) when they are comically worked into the plot as possible suspects
  • One Murder Mystery Host / Stage Manager for the duration of the event
  • One Homicide Detective for the duration of the event
  • 2-6 additional actors based on script needs
  • All necessary clues, props and wardrobe
  • All necessary pre-production
  • Casting and rehearsal of professional actors
  • Team answer forms and guest packs for the attendees
  • Team prizes for the winning table and team booby prizes for the funniest team answer.

Corporate Clients

Just a few of Keith & Margo’s Texas Corporate Clients

We were especially impressed by the obvious time that was spent in customizing the script for our company. Your “pre-detective work” made for a memorable evening of laughs for everyone present.

Smittee B.

What Others Have To Say

The most fun I've had at a team Conference!

Because of how professionally it was done, we plan to make this first year event an annual one.

Wendy T.

I’ve been hearing around the office that this was the best holiday party in G Systems history! Thanks for making me look good… ha ha!

Marie T.

It was especially fun to see co-workers implicated along the way. It definitely made for a great stress-breaker from the office.

Sandi D., Dallas

Enjoyed as much by the guests who couldn’t 'finger' the murderers as by the prize winners.

Mark B., Dallas

The MMT group performed at my mother’s 70th birthday party and it was fabulous. The actors were well-prepared, comical, and thoroughly entertaining!

Cathy K.
via TripAdvisor

The Detective was amazing! Very animated! Drew the audience in. Never a dull spot. Thanks for a great evening!

Angie S.
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