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Murder Mystery Home Game



  • 60 minute live action movie
  • 3 built in stopping points for questioning
  • 12 Character Cards with Character descriptions
  • Three sets of clues per character
  • Complete easy to read Instructions
  • Up to 12 characters but more can play
  • Suggested playing time 1 ½ – 2 hours


Easy To Play!

  1. Set up a Zoom meeting and send invitations to participants indicating start time.
  2. When participants sign in send provided Character Cards separately to players before game begins as a file via Zoom “Chat.” These can be downloaded on any device.
  3. As the Host, go to the provided link to play the movie and through the Zoom “Share” feature and play the movie which will explain the simple rules to everyone and tell you when to start and stop the video for questioning.
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