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Reasons to Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

Interactive entertainment has never been more popular than it is today. Many forms of interactive entertainment are enjoying a wave of newfound popularity that seems on the precipice of even more growth. The reasons for this are up for discussion. Perhaps it is a reaction to the increase time we spend in front of screens. Almost all of our entertainment comes from a screen in some form, whether it’s the movie theater, your television screen, your computer, or phone. With so much time in front of screens, it is no wonder that many humans are seeking out old fashioned entertainment like plays, musicals and classical music concerts. And this reaction to screen-based entertainment is taking the more innovative form of interactive entertainment as well. Board games are being developed that are more involved, interactive and unique than ever before. Another of these interactive entertainment options is the murder mystery dinner. Murder mystery dinners involve a unique combination of aspects that are found singularly in other forms of entertainment. Of course, the dinner that is provided is usually delicious and that is something everyone can get behind. The mystery aspect is where the interactive entertainment comes in. It gives everyone an opportunity to exercise their problem solving skills in a relaxed, group setting. People are attending murder mystery dinners for a variety of occasions. Here is a look at a few of them.


Birthday Parties And Anniversaries


Murder mystery dinners are a great option for a birthday party or anniversary. Instead of simply attending a dinner, a murder mystery dinner adds the level of interactive entertainment necessary to loosen everybody up and guarantee a memorable experience. This is one of the major appeals of the entertainment form. People today are placing a premium on unique experiences they can tell people about and share pictures of. Exciting and comical mystery dinners where you can help solve a murder definitely fit those criteria.


San Antonio murder mystery dinner




The entertainment side of the murder mystery dinner usually has a theme that can be adapted to any holiday. A good murder mystery dinner theater company will adapt the storyline of the performance to fit the season or holiday around which you are attending the show. Of course, the murder mystery/crime/detective aspects inherent to murder mysteries are particularly conducive to Halloween, but many places also put on shows around Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve with the intention of attracting celebrating couples. It is a good bet that if you attend on or near a holiday that the performance will include a reference to the holiday in the performance.


Private Corporate Parties


Private corporate party planners are among those aforementioned people seeking to plan events that will produce memorable experiences. These party planners are seeking memories they can share later as well as a setting in which people can relax but stay engaged with one another outside of the office setting.  For these people, murder mystery dinners are a natural fit. They also can provide a great team building atmosphere that can help create & strengthen inter-office relationships. They are an increasingly popular option for private corporate parties.

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